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Falcon16 11-26-2012 03:02 PM

anyone using adapted lenses?
Hey guys just figured I'd post this and see how many of you are using old 35mm glass on your DSLR with an adapter? If so how are you finding it? Reason I ask is I have an opportunity to pick up a Pentax ME Super (ironically enough the 35mm I learned on and kicked myself for selling my first one) and it comes with a 50mm SCMA 1.2. From all the reviews I've read of the 1.2 it's a killer piece of glass with picture quality comparable to Canon L glass so I'm thinking I may still keep the ME Super for film work but from time to time I'd love to run the 1.2 50mm adapted on my XTi. I've also seen that some adapters have the circuitry to do focus confirmation ie the AF point blink and beep when you've attained perfect focus in manual focus mode. I was curious if anyone had used one of those or if not just one of the basic adapters and if so like I said how did the experience and was it worth it to run the old glass on the new camera?

Schmitti 11-26-2012 03:16 PM

What is the purpose of the adapter?

My Minolta Maxxum glass fits my KM DSLR (and all Sony Alphas) just fine. Works with both Auto and manual focus lenses. There were some early Sony Alpha's that didn't like the manual lenses (software issue that you couldn't force the camera to trigger the shutter even though it didn't "see" a lens), but otherwise all that great old glass works great!


Falcon16 11-26-2012 04:16 PM

the purpose of the adapter is using a lens designed for say in this case a Pentax K mount on a Canon EOS system EF/EF-S mount camera.

russc 11-26-2012 04:31 PM

Yes, it's a great way to get great glass at budget prices. I love my Pentax ME. The super is an improved version with full manual settings. They are incredibly tiny little SLRs, with great fit and finish.

One thing to note about bayonet mount adapters like the Pentax K to EF, as opposed to screwmount adapters like M42 to EF. If you are going to buy multiple lenses, get an adapter for each lens. You won't be swapping them while keeping the adapter on the body. Screwmount lenses are easy to get on and off the adapters, but bayonet to bayonet is a pain to change on the fly since they don't have a release button.

Also, check to make sure it's an f/1:1.2 lens. Plenty of people list f/1:2.0 lenses as 1.2s. Not that the 2.0 is bad, they're still nice lenses and have a better feel to them than the new Canon 1.4.

Falcon16 11-26-2012 04:58 PM

yea I've been hearing that mislisted lenses are common and yea I know about the full manual settings on the Super my first 35mm was a Super and kick myself for selling it but i was young and stupid and had just got my first 2.0MP P&S and figured i'd never shoot film again but now with having the opportunity to score this deal I think I'll grab a few rolls of film for fun every now and then. Even if the lens ends up being an F2 no problem there I'll keep it on the super and have a blast. I kick myself for selling my 28-80 though on my first super it was a 2.8 through the whole range and took beautiful images.

russc 11-26-2012 05:04 PM

Nice. If you get an adapter, I do think the autofocus confirm chips are worth getting. They seem to sell for about the same price, and give you the "blip" on the focus screen when you are in focus.

Broch 11-26-2012 05:36 PM

I'm using old Olympus glass on a modern Olympus micro 4/3 series camera via an adapter. The glass is effing amazing!

Rymzor 11-26-2012 09:54 PM

I use all my old Pentax Asahi (55mm, 105mm, 300mm) on my Sony Nex-5n with an adaptor. they work great.

Mike Deep 11-26-2012 11:17 PM

How much do they want for this Pentax ME Super with SMC 50/1.2? Get a picture of it.

To answer your question: Yes, the adapters work. However, with a fast lens, the depth of field will be exaggerated in the viewfinder of most DSLRs, making focus difficult. I have a split prism focus screen in one of my cameras for this reason.

Falcon16 11-27-2012 12:23 PM

Thanks for the tip Mike I've been looking at split prism focus screen adapters that I can throw onto my XTi after reading about what you mentioned on a couple different photography forums. As for how much they want for the setup It's criminally low. I know the guy selling it as I bought my 28-105 USM II from him a few weeks back and he sent me a pic of the front of the lens and it's actually a 1.2 not a 1:2 and he only wants a $20 for the entire thing including the lens,body,case,flash and all the caps included. Considering that back in high school to take photography I paid $160 for an ME super with a 28-80 a flash and a bag I'll gladly take the entire package for $20 even if it was a 1:2 that's still a killer deal either way.

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