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Just got a I Phone 4, need useful apps

Trying to figure this thing out. switched over from an android. ANy reccommendations for good useful apps?

Interested in a security phone tracker, battery saver, and anything else cool or useful. thanks.
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I don't believe the battery saver will be necessary. By double clicking on the button, you can pull up all current processes and stop them. To be honest, I'm not sure they are actually running while not in use; as my iPhone's battery lasts a bunch longer than my Android did without stopping those processes in the iPhone.

If you use a lot of music with your phone and computer (or other newer i devices), look into using the iCloud with Sync. There is a monthly charge; but it allows you to purchase music or apps on any device attached to the Sync, and puts it on all off the devices (in iCloud, no storage usage). I used it to move all of my cd's onto iTunes, and Sync'd it to my touch and phone. To save space on my phone (dinky 8 gig), I simply erase most of the music, and it goes straight into iCloud to be re-downloaded at any time. The Sync alone saved me from having a phone with so little space on it that I could not update small apps.
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well there bar code scanner to scan stuff to see if your getting good deal there flashlight app. other then that. what ever your into.
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Can't believe I forgot this one, Photobucket.

I don't need the computer anymore to upload pics onto here.
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If you have a smart tv, find its remote app, got it for mine (panasonic) love it.
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Well the iPhone has/can get Find My iPhone app. Which is awesome. Ive used it to help passengers at the airport find their misplaced phones (one was left at his house! but we 'stole' it...)
The battery also lasts a lot longer than any android Ive used, and my i is jailbroken (uses a lot more battery)
Jail break it if you want cool stuff (i dont know if iOS6.0.1 is untethered yet, if not dont bother)
Some apps I have:
Dolphin browser (safari sucks..)
USPS Mobile
And a bunch of games.
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It gathers whatever apps are temporarily free at the time

It turns up some real gems here and there.

Also orbital is current favorite to play while pooping
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