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Since it seems like this is our crowd for this game, can we talk openly? Spoilers, story and such?

******SPOILER ALERT!!!!****

Ellie's BS detector is pretty keen throughout the game. It was interesting to see her take Joel at his word in the end. At first they didn't want to have anything to do with each other. Seeing that relationship develop in the course of what's going in is pretty well thought out.

My understanding is Ellie realized she'd have to give up her life for a cure and was ok with that. She said she was ready to go when her and her friend were bit.
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
metro 2033 and metro last light are the recent ones.

fallout 3 and new vegas were good too.

i liked metal gear solid 3 and 4.

also the original deux ex and dxhr.

didn't like bioshock...
I guess some might agree/disagree with you there. I had fallout new vegas....too hard for me, didn't like it that much. Deus ex human revolution was a great game though.

I have to agree with you on biosock infinite. It was such a great game but had the potential to be so much better....too much of a 'museum feel' although the graphics were great.
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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I don't feel that she believed him, it was more that they've built up thisbond trhough the journey, and she knows he's lying but also knows that he wouldn't lie to hurt her. Didn't express that quite right but hopefully you get what I mean.
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here's my gripe

there are so many cop out game mechanics:
  • lead pipes don't break that easily in real life, 20 year old rotten 2x4's should break a lot quicker in real life.
  • enemies never run out of ammo, but you almost never find any on them
  • there is no reward for stealth.
  • enemies spawn behind you even though your "hearing" is supposed to pick them up, just for an element of surprise.
  • forced instances of being caught, no matter how stealthy you played the level. for example the armored car, you kill everyone on one side of the road, the car still finds you to initiate the chase, for the sake of "tension," negating any sense of satisfaction for playing stealthily.
  • can't move dead bodies. you can grab a human shield but not drag a corpse?
  • i've been found out many times because i was running to cover and one of the partners ran in the opposite direction blocking me.
  • music cues you to know when all enemies are dead, negating any sense of tension that the whole fight brought.
  • partners automatically know how many enemies there are and when they are all dead. they also know exactly where to go ahead of you even though they have never been there, breaking your suspension of disbelief and immersion into the game. ellie is especially guilty of this.
  • save points are bad, you finish a fight scene, it saves, an in game conversation starts, but the save point begins after the conversation. i have missed quite a few early conversations because i didn't like the way the fight turned out so i reloaded only to find out that it saved automatically past the fight already, so not only could i not redo the fight, i also missed the subsequent plot. why not just make a save anywhere feature? especially if you are so bad at making save points? you have been in the industry for how long? you still can't get right something so basic?
  • plot armor enemies. the sniper in the house? i tried to counter snipe with my scoped rifle. i realized he is mysteriously invincible after a few successful hits from the house nearest him and it did nothing. why? to force the confrontation to occur in a certain way? why give me a scoped rifle then? why so many weapons in my arsenal with no moments for them to shine? another instance is that guy vs ellie. why can he survive multiple stabs that would have killed others? for the sake of plot? did i buy a $60 movie or a game? are you game designers or movie makers? did you excel at either one? does being a sick freak give you super powers? because not only did he survive, he got up like it was nothing and kept kicking you.
  • and that brings me to plot. post apocalyptic setting showing the decay of humanity with worldwide population of sausage fest willing to kill for a meal. one single suggested rapist. i'm not buying it. look at game of thrones (spoilers for it). theon gets caught and almost raped by a GROUP of men, and even the hound knows enough to tell arya to be careful.
  • cookie cutter plot. come on. i could see the ending from a mile away. as soon as ellie asks you how the cure is extracted 3/4 of the way through the game and joel assumes it was just a blood test, you know what's going to happen. also an emotionally detached man warming up slowly to a partner is already cliche. has people who praised the story of this game not seen any other fictional work?

things i think they did right
  • finely execute an established formula.

Originally Posted by fullofpaint View Post

I don't feel that she believed him, it was more that they've built up thisbond trhough the journey, and she knows he's lying but also knows that he wouldn't lie to hurt her. Didn't express that quite right but hopefully you get what I mean.
she could tell he was lying out of goodness?

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^fair points.

I agree with some of them, especially the pipes breaking and the enemies not dropping ammo.

I thought the plot was great even if it was a little predictable. It looks like you enjoy more realistic games. I hated the fallout games so bad that I didn't even finish them, so I can't make too many comparisons to them. I heard good things about Metro but haven't played it yet.

Games like this to me are like playing a movie and I like that. I play it for the entertainment value and nothing more. I don't get a thrill out of overly challenging games, I just get aggravated.

***SPOILER ALERT (do we need these anymore???)*****

I also think Ellie knew what was going to happen to her which was why she was all distant and distracted when they got to Colorado. As a father myself, I'd have done the exact same thing as Joel. When you go to rescue Ellie I killed everyone in the Hospital. When I walked into the OR, I blasted the guy who threatened me then blasted the next doctor before thinking I should leave one of them alive to find a cure. My wife watched the game while I played and commented that he shouldn't have killed the docs (she thought it was a scripted scene) but she understood when I told her I pulled the trigger.

I don't think Ellie really believes Joel at the end. If she believed his story at first she wouldn't have asked him to promise he was telling the truth. I also think its because of the father/daughter relationship that she doesn't say anything.

The voice acting was top notch (though there were a lot of grunting moments ) and the situations were interesting. There were some block buster movie moments and I thought those were fun and added to the story. The Last of Us is going up there on my list of great games and I'm glad I played it.
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Games like this to me are like playing a movie and I like that. I play it for the entertainment value and nothing more. I don't get a thrill out of overly challenging games, I just get aggravated.

you can have a game that feels like "playing a movie" without sacrificing gameplay. silent hill 2 did it very well. the most frustrating part for me is still the invincible sniper. you can see his exposed body parts but not kill him, it's total bull ****.

and i forget about the pallets in the water. how convenient that every time you need one, there is one. same goes for ladder. that just breaks the realism. they go so far to make everything seem like they work the same way as they do in real life, but they put this stupid cop out there that only works in mario. come on, you can't even give it some variety? you couldn't have him find a guard rail one time and a loose fence another? it's always a perfectly useful ladder? don't bull **** me with over the top realistic item inventory if you're going to toss in this mechanic that is too specific to be happening all of the time.

and the graphics. i'm playing this on a 1080p monitor. there is nothing impressive about it when the pixels are bigger than on windows. there's nothing really impressive about it unlike how other people praised. i saw a perfectly triangular puddle of water. and seams between surfaces break often, exposing a bright slit of the skybox that resembles the shine on a usable item. i've seen props pop in and out, such as one of the many abandoned cars. finally, every screenshot that people praised about happened to be from pre-rendered cutscenes. well, ****, it's pre-rendered, are gamers this dumb these days?

i do find the controls easy to learn, but the melee aiming needs a lot more work. a lot of times i try to hit a clicker and joel would hit some other random zombie next to it. stop being a **** tard joel you know where the priorities are supposed to go, you've been surviving for how long?
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