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Bluray media player for Windows?

I'm looking for bluray playback software for windows 7. I recently purchased a bluray optical drive and found out that windows 7 will not play bluray without using third party software. The software that came with the bluray drive is for CD/DVDs only. Odd, considering I bought the drive specifically to play bluray..

Anyway, I've been looking around and it seems my only choices are to either shell out an additional $50-$70 on additional bluray player software or download one of the free players. I've read that most of the free players contain a lot of ads, nagware, and the occasional virus so I'm towards a payed copy. A bit sad considering this is something Windows should already do. Quit being cheap Microsoft.

So.. any suggestions?
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My machine is windows 7, came with cyberlink power dvd .v8 for the bluray, no idea if it is free or spendy after the fact. Don't really use it that much with bluray with the PS3/4
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I've heard that's the player most computers and drives come with but my bluray drive came with CD/DVD burning software. :/ IIRC powerdvd is about $70 for the version that plays bluray.
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I used PowerDVD, it worked alright, and integrated in with the windows media center to some degree. I felt like it was overpriced though, when all I really wanted was bluray support, it came with a whole suite of garbage.
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vlc media player possibly
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VLC media player with a couple of added files can play Blu Ray. Google is your friend. Google VLC Blu Ray and it will come up and just follow the directions easy as pie and works and it's free.

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