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Donut SD 07-17-2014 09:08 PM

Official Destiny Thread
See you on the frontier

I'm BlueAnt20 on PS4

It's a rather large 10+ gb for the game. Yeesh. Transfer is slow and I'm already imagining Bungie's servers are stressing from just that.

Anyhow. Game on.

BY REQUEST! The MCB Guardian listing!

The destiny 2 guardian roster! Here are the known members of your respective gaming factions.


Donut SD - blueant20
Dukie - dukie737
Bow - Sunkist_Sniper
dm6rocker - dm6rocker
subyrally - subyrally
magmoormaster - Oblivatus
CrowsFeast - CrowsFeast
TippmannFireman - BlazeKeeper
p8ntninja - TheTrox
TCPaintball - sharmout1
Moose - Medicmoose

Xbox 1:
baconquilt - Porkroll13
nofxkid2005 - NOFXkid
Zone Drifter - Sethrufither
karni-collector - SeraphofTempest


Tracker - Tracker#1326

Legacy destiny one list below: (for reference until I get the new rider going)

Our light is strong, guardians. Here are the known members of your respective gaming factions;


Jebus - ShortBusCult [360, XB1]
nofxkid2005 - NOFXkid [360]
Drachen - xDRACHENx [XB1]
crazyorigin - crazyorigin [360]
Allerstern [360]
Yoro Saru [360, XB1]
Yomillio [360]
PARADIGM 117 - PARADIGM 117 [360]
robertsr1811 [360]
sammysalmon1 [360]
SumDumGai1968 [360]
Syko8939 [360]
Vitalsilence [360, XB1]
WildcardPhantom [360]
SN toter - SN toter [360]
Frenchy - Wilfred the Cow [XB1]
dgorman47 - Dutchie47 [XB1]
Finnigan - FrenchieBearpaw [360]
AwwShoot - Clayishpit612 [XB1]
AE86 - Hemplicious [360, XB1]
paintballedbackin88 - The ritual [XB1]
slyyoung28 - xSlyYoungx [XB1]
Rainman229 - AirRainman229 [XB1]
BenoitOWN [XB1]
Gainman- stinkrodd [XB1]
baconquilt - Porkroll13 [XB1?]


Bow - Sunkist_Sniper [PS4]
dm6rocker - dm6rocker [PS4]
Manning - MrFurious18 [PS4]
JLuke - JLuke2 [PS4]
dukie - dukie737 [PS4]
p8ntninja - TheTrox [PS4]
Donut SD - BlueAnt20 [PS4]
CrowsFeast - CrowsFeast [PS4]
grimace - PaintballGrimace [PS4]
nerdcore - jerkcore [PS3]
baconquilt - HammSammy [PS3]
Mad Anthony P8ntball - nathanielrunkle [PS3]
PsychoBaller - AscendedStatus [PS4]
BKO Overdrive - Overdrive07 [PS4]
Waylost - WaylostSWE [PS4]
Bob T Guy - Omegafunk [PS4]
Jebus - Caldstall [PS4]
Etek4 - Racing_Rush [PS4]
Kingofeasy - kingofeasy [PS3, PS4]
someasianballer - someasian123 [PS4]
Fatal - SPACE__DONG [PS4]
TCPaintball - sharmout1 [PS4]
Jackson - PvtDBJackson [PS4]
Moose - Medicmoose [PS4]
DeepPocketsxSTLx - DeepPocketsxSTLx [PS4]
Kuhl - kuhl_ [PS4]
slyyoung28 - slyyoung28 [PS4]
Grendal50 - Grendal50 [PS4]
240SX - racreman [PS4]
Alive - alive5-0 [PS4]
Morningstar - spacemanspiff221 [PS4]
TippmannFireman - BlazeKeeper [PS4]
KoolKat - oOKoolkatOo [PS3]
subyrally - subyrally [PS4]
magmoormaster - Oblivatus [PS4]

If I've listed your name incorrectly, let me know. Some gamer tag searches are wonky if you don't get them right.

XXFETTXX 07-17-2014 10:35 PM

Extra PS4 Code


gainman 07-21-2014 03:46 PM

did you guys have to pay or buy another game to get into the "beta"

Donut SD 07-22-2014 12:57 PM

pre order. A lot of people got bonus codes to share, myself included. But I used all three.

Bow 07-22-2014 01:03 PM

My buddy is going to nerd3 so he's lending me his system so I can play while he's out of town... Can not wait. I wasn't really excited until last year. After what he's told me it sounds great. Now I just have to hold out for a few more days to enjoy some Peter Dinklage. And if hey ever get aroun to pc I'll make sure to pick it up.

Donut SD 07-22-2014 01:25 PM

I'm surprised at how detailed they're trying to make this. I expected something flashy with borderlands style skill trees. Nope. More to it than that. Community events are actually really cool too, I got drawn into an event trying to just pass through lol.

Drachen 07-22-2014 03:02 PM

Do you know what timezone they release the beta from? We're supposed to get the beta tomorrow (One), so I'm hoping to download early... Maybe skip through all the slow downloads before all the kiddies get up for the download in the morning.

shadow_772 07-22-2014 03:13 PM

Anyone have an extra xbox one code?

magmoormaster 07-22-2014 04:14 PM

I'm still in the boycott phase from Bungie firing Marty o'Donnell

shadow_772 07-23-2014 10:01 PM

Well, pre-ordered. Now to check out this beta.

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