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How much SDRAM?

I thought I'd share a little information about a recent addition to my system that I did.


I have a 3770k Intel processor, with a SSD, some hard drives, and a GTX780 GPU. Pretty good kit when Ivy Bridge first came out, one of the first cpu's available in stores.

I also bought 8GB of the 30nm Samsung low voltage ram. For anyone that liked to dabble in overclocking this was the good stuff.

Finally after YEARS the price of DDR3 has dropped to sane levels (when I finally looked again). I picked up a 16GB kit of DDR3 1600 Corsair Dominator RAM.

Everyone and their uncle today says you need 16GB of RAM for majority of games today. I kind of laughed at that for a while, but now after installing my new shiny toys I have to agree.

As a comparison DDR4 2400 with a cas latency of 17 is actually slower in performance than DDR3 1600 cas 10. The RAM I picked up has a Cas latency of 9

So after some tinkering my old Samsung magic ram is running at 1600 with 9-9-9-24 timings (cas latency of 9) at 1.5v which is what the new Corsair ram runs at. This gives me 24 GB of very good memory.

I didn't notice any difference in System operation since my system is already very fast, but games like Witcher 3 have absolutely ZERO hiccups or stutters now.

So if you are looking for memory the minimum you should really get today is in fact 16 GB of ram.
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Yeah, having more rams is always better. I remember needing to upgrade my rams to 16 MB way back when I was trying to play Duke Nukeum 3D. Made a big difference.

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RAM is pretty much dirt cheap these days. I put 16GB in when I built my system maybe four or five years ago. At this point, I have no desire to build a new system since the one I built back then still plays everything I throw at it on High or Ultra quality. Moore's Law kind of stopped around the time I built my last gaming PC.
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Up until very recently I felt like 8GB was enough. After the updates for Spectre/Meltdown the usage of and way that RAM is being used changed to some degree. That is when I "felt" the need to upgrade. I feel like 8 is now a minimum number, rather than 4, and 16 a sweet spot now. Going beyond that can count on many variables, least of not which is the motherboards ability to do dual or quad channel in respect to pricing of sticks above that 8GB mark.

Also comment that, yes, those timings are insane low.
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