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TVersity - Home
I've been looking around for a decent media server.
Mainly to stream media easily (translation: for the wife) across my home network, but to be able to easily get to my media while on the road would be a nice perk. Had to meet the following:
- configurable
- scriptable
- affordable
- windoze platform
- needs to be able to organize/stream photo/video/audio
- need to be able to run it as a non-privileged service account.

A few came up, and I've been testing around with them, most were absolutely horrible for a number of reasons. (mostly stability and overhead)

However I stumbled across TVersity a few days ago and have been toying with it for about a day now. I'm kind of liking it! Got some weird qwerks here and there, but for the most part get's the job done, and being FREE it meets all of the requirements above.

Kinda the one drawback so far is that permissioning is all or nothing. (can't stream porn for me and the wife, but hide it from the grandparents) Also external access is pretty crude...plain old port forwarding. (but if I decide to stick with it, I'll tie it in through my vpn)

Anyway, just wondering if anyone's got any experience with TVersity and has it fully/production setup?

Or is there another good candidate out there that I'm overlooking?

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What are you streaming the media to? XBOX 360?
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