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netsurferdude2 12-22-2008 09:02 PM

STEAM user names for MCB members
I made this thread to try to put together a few thread already out there.

It is to my understanding that there are a bunch of people out there who play games through STEAM and wouldnt mind playing with a bunch of others.

Basically, just post up you steam account name along with the nickname you use and what games you play. This is not a discussion thread about what you like and dont like about STEAM or related games.

I will start:

Account name:
Toxic Toast

I will try to keep a running list.

It may also be good to have a list of the MCB groups in the steam community. To find a certain group, go to the "Community" tab and just copy and paste the name into the search bar. You then have the option to join the group.

Group List:
MCarter Brown

Players list (MCB name: Account name - Steam Nickname):

netsurferdude2: - Toxic Toast
Striker9: cheesetogo - Striker9
Uranus: Justin Mvcrackin - Uranus
Melkson: Melkson - Melkson
HyePower: HyePower - [Đдмή] Gunny
Ir0nExpress: Ir0nExpress - Ir0nExpress
Deus Machina: MathU41 - Yerdaddy
Mr. Blue: - Myhusbandsgotagun
MaD: HellFirE
Tanongi: - ManBearPig! I'm Super Sereal!
Gabe: Thatdarnedjew - Pook or Blaster of Muppets
Legion: Legion - Legion
711: LAhoopz11 - {Qbzz}Reneg@de_M@st@
LoopyDood: loopydood - LoopyDood
muffin9988: muffin9988 - muffin9988
PoisonMarket: neuropsyne - PoisonMarket
storminnorman: - Moped
monkey: cdrew92 - monkey
caplucky: caplucky94 - caplucky
kidneythief: kidneythief420 - Nick is kidneythief
fusion #5: kourula - SiLlY rAbBiT
Daze: Anhk - Anhk
Squidly: Plutonium Joe
Flywsi: Ukrainamese - Ga_bb4
Killa_x: killa_x223 - uncz
Steven_Spinosa: Dead_Last - Cadmium_Slacker
Swatter: adam452005
Hobbes: Matty_ho
wallygillis: annapurna - puddleofmeat
Driek: - DI|Driek
SKI008: SKI008 - Paintcheck
Deadmeat99: Deadmeat9902
LilShank: spartan158797
senghing27: senghing27 - CR07
indyjrt : indyjrt
Hammy of Socal: jimlundberg - Legion|Spǿǿk[xXx]
HiPointPhotography: AndyLauzierPhoto - |||SaltTheWound|||
Stripes: Micro_Death - microdeath
SuxXarD: fsdok - SuxXarD
MisterSeanistic: MisterSeanistic - MisterSeanistic
DamoNAN: Reformed_Hacker - NomaD
Born4Evil: - [R.I.O.T.] Born4Evil
Moose: CRMoose
DFSniper: DFSniper18
Crown Mods: blood_storm2
autococker_child99: feRRetmunch
Buck: WastedDragon32 - Blitzen
Frontier_Bill: Frontier_Bill - Frontier_Bill
monty: Montalban
SnowDawgy: Nick Snowdawgy
i_luv_strats: iluvstrats2
usagi_tetsu: usagi_tetsu - Wild Bill
aaronlecain: Lunchbox|PMFE
Gen: genjuroq - [HOOD]-Bucky_Space_Beaver
mikeds80: MikeDS80 - MikeDS80
dumpstering: dumpstering - dumpstering
Mplanters: m.planters1991

Striker9 12-22-2008 09:12 PM

Account Name: cheesetogo
Nickname: Striker9

Uranus 12-22-2008 09:17 PM

Account name: Justin Mvcrackin <Yes it was a typo
Nickname: Uranus
Games: Left4Dead, TF2
Groups: L4D_MCB

melkson 12-22-2008 09:46 PM

acct name: Melkson
Username: Melkson

cs, cs:s, HL, HL2, HL2: DM, TFC, Stalker, Portal, Age of Chivalry

groups: MCarter Brown

HyePower 12-22-2008 09:56 PM

Account Name: HyePower
Username: [Đдмή] Gunny

Games: DOD:S, CS:S

Ir0nExpress 12-22-2008 11:15 PM

Account Name: Ir0nExpress
Username: Ir0nExpress

Games: TF2, L4D

Deus Machina 12-23-2008 07:35 PM

Account: MathU41
User: Yerdaddy

Games: Mostly TF2

Mr.Blue 01-01-2009 01:54 AM


Double EDIT:Myhusbandsgotagun

TF2, Digital Paintball if I can get anyone to play

MaD 01-01-2009 01:59 AM

Don't forget to join the MCB community. You can find folks through there. Steam Community :: Group :: MCarter Brown

I'm HellFirE and play mostly TF2 now. Also played a lot of DOD:S but not so much anymore.

Tanongi 01-01-2009 02:13 AM

Account name: (Lol, old old email back in my prepubescent emo days =_=)
ManBearPig! I'm Super Sereal!

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