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alpha434 12-21-2009 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by p-bpat (Post 1095040)
Let me tell you, it will not make a difference what you are wearing when your in full sprint down the center of the field hollering, and waving a bright red flag (and you have a rubber duck glued to your hopper).

Spoken with experience.

Ir0nExpress 12-22-2009 02:24 AM

Move like a cat. Imitate a cat when it's spotted prey and move exactly like they do. Movement is key.

PistolRogue 12-22-2009 02:35 AM

Is camo necessary? Of course not. I have a guy on my team who has run around at outlaw games wearing jeans and a red flannel shirt and he's managed to get more barrel tags on people in a single game than I've ever seen anyone else get.

With that said, a good camo for your area will HELP. It won't make you invisible, and you still have to remember the "order of visibility":

1) Movement
2) Color
3) Outline

I'd say movement is 60-75% of stealth. Knowing when to move and when not to. Always staying at the fringe of your target's peripheral vision. Not shooting at them when they're looking toward you, etc. Color is 15-30%. You still have to worry about being spotted by people that YOU might not see. Two players are laying in the brush, who are they going to see first, the guy in a well-selected camo, or the guy with a bright red mask and jersey? Then the remaining 10-25% is outline. This is what the guys with ghillie suits are trying to eliminate. You have to ask if that 10-25% is worth the extra heat, drag, and overall cumbersome nature of a ghillie though. On most fields, I'd wager its not, especially smaller ones. Large, heavily wooded fields though, I can see their usefulness.

To me, the thing I always tend to spot first is a player's mask or hopper, because they're generally the two highest things off the ground. I wear MARPAT and use a ripped up MARPAT BDU jacket to sort of "ghillie up" my mask, and I camo spray-painted my hoppers. I've noticed a big difference in my ability to sneak around this way. But if I decide to charge up the middle of the trail or lay down somewhere obvious, its not going to help me.

Its all up to the player. I feel that the more well concealed I am, the more eliminations I tend to make. But again it all depends on the player and the field. There are plenty of guys better than me who don't wear camo and get along just fine. There are plenty on the other side of the spectrum too. If its a mostly structured field with lots of bunkers camo's not going to help you as much as it would in deep woods, either.

nickydp33 12-22-2009 03:05 AM

usually i dont even bother cuz my style is to move around alot, once my current jersey an pants die, i might purchase some darker paintball pants but i prolly wont buy another jersey an just use camo w\e

ginger ninja 12-22-2009 03:29 AM

to borrow the words of one of the guys (Kabs) from my club:

"Why Are Thing Seen

This might seem as though it is not improtant but on the contrary it can aid you in cam and concealment as well as identifying targets quicker and more easily.

To remember it, it is abreviated ' 5 sl#%s and a mole '

S urface- a surface shiney or simply one colour are redily seen. flashes of light reflected from metals like your gat. Reflective lenses on your mask.

S hape- distinctive outlines, shadows, unatural shapes that dont blend into the surrounding environment.

S hadows- casting shadows, shadows may be visible to the enemy even if you are behind cover. Always check the direction of you shadow.

S ilhoutte- your body outline against a background such as water, a wall or the sky. Very prominent on the top of ridgelines silhoutting off the sky.

S pacing- in nature objects are rarley spaced evenly, so to combat this stagger your section when patroling or setting up a defensive position.

M ovement- self explanatory, the biggest one that reveals your location or the enemys. Big movements will catch your eye instantly try to keep your movement slow and controled.

Another factor that needs a mention is noise.
Noises that do not contrast into the normal enviroment such as foot steps, opening of velcro pouches, radios, rustling of plants, grass ect, rip clips going off at 90 BPS"

At the distances paintball is effective at Camo comes under the banner of "its better than the alternative" i have bright orange hair that after a few months i learned to cover up as one guy put it "its like a freaking Camo highlighter running through the bush!!!"

The Inflicted 12-22-2009 04:11 AM

When you see it....

You'll poop bricks.

cliffords the man 12-22-2009 06:18 AM

thanks for all the info and advice guys :)

Im going to try and get a jersey to fit my field

and then take into advice what you said next time Im out with my phantom

acesn8s 12-22-2009 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by The Inflicted (Post 1095385)

LOL. Don't want to give it away.

R.J. 12-22-2009 10:55 AM

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Attachment 12695
Type 38 smock in palmtarn

I wear a camo smock type 42 in planetree or oaktarn and find that they bend very well.For pants I like something in od green or kakhi.

I find that solid colors do not give you away as much when you are moving so I comprmise with solid pants and camo top as my legs move more than my body.


agentSmith 12-22-2009 01:17 PM

In broken brush camo can be a small disadvantage, but nowhere at PB ranges is it good for much.

If I were to hold up a big white sheet of paper with a hole in the middle and behind the hole I were to unroll a roll of white paper you would not be able to tell if the paper in back were moving or not while looking at the front.
However, if I were to put a dot every 6 inches on that roll of paper then you would see the dots moving past the hole in the front paper and be able to tell if the paper in back were moving and EXACTLY how fast.

This is because human eyes(all eyes) can only detect movement on an edge. Wearing camo, while very effective at firearm ranges too far to distinguish the edges, makes movement in a paintball ranged person a hundred times easier to spot than a solid color especially detecting movement through holes in brush. For this reason I've always wore solid green or Olive/Drab. However the only real effective way to hide yourself is to have a structure like a bunker in between you and your opponent and the best clothes made for paintball are ALL camo, so even though this one is legit, it's not enough difference to keep one from wearing camo if one enjoys it.


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