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matteekay 01-08-2011 08:09 PM

matteekay's Feedback
Please leave your feedback if I've done business with you!

BIGNUGLY 01-09-2011 11:14 AM

Good guy to deal with, smooth transaction and paid fast. What more can you ask for?

MaD 02-02-2011 04:53 PM

Bought some bits from me. Smooth and easy. Appreciate it!

Tx_Aggie 02-03-2011 11:15 PM

Sold him some Sheridan parts. Paid quickly, super easy to deal with, and a great guy all around.

toneg28 03-16-2011 10:39 PM

Traded my Lapco barrel for his. Shipped fast, packaged well, came in as described, and he is great to deal with. A+ transaction. Thanks!

CrazyRuskii 04-11-2011 02:04 PM

Great guy, payed fast for some MOLLE gear and a mask.

goody2141 04-30-2011 01:16 PM

Bought a profiler off of him, great price and fast shipping. No hassles whatsoever. Would definitely do business with him again.

PumpMan10988 05-14-2011 04:23 PM

I sold a Bag o' Sheridan to Matt, and he is a great buyer, paid fast, easy communication. Would deal with him again any day. Thanks for the smooth deal!

bacci paintball 05-20-2011 06:50 PM

Bought some misc sheridan parts from Matt.
Everything looked great and the parts arrived asap.

JonnyDread 06-09-2011 01:38 PM

Awesome dude, traded a VLocity and a few bucks for an old Splatmaster. Wicked friendly guy, no funny business. A+

Rifle 06-21-2011 08:56 PM

Sold a custom Sheridan grip stock to Matt. What a great guy and customer, do not hesitate to deal with him.

cknight98 07-26-2011 08:25 AM

bought a tank off me...paid fast. very good communications....AAA+++, no worries here

Chubs 07-28-2011 09:35 PM

Bought a few Tac Pods and APP covers. Fast shipping and a great guy to deal with! A++

snaparen 08-06-2011 04:49 PM

Bought a pump handle form matteekay. Smooth transaction, good communication, well packaged, and shipped fast. Every thing you want in a purchase.
Would do business with again.

phantom89 09-23-2011 12:14 AM

Bought a Splatmaster. Packed extremely well and shipped supper fast and received in record time.

B.R. 09-27-2011 04:49 PM

Bought a sheridan frame from him. Fast shipping.really well packed
Great price to, thanks!

Uruz8 09-29-2011 12:12 AM

Great guy, bought some molle gear from him. There's not a better person to deal with. Would deal with him again for sure.

ayoitsdavid 10-01-2011 01:54 PM

Sweet trade thank you
Not a problem

The Inflicted 10-09-2011 01:05 AM

Bought a vest and several accessories from him.
Communicated well and shipped quickly.
Great to deal with!

CrazyBoy78 10-18-2011 07:28 PM

Bought a rail from him. Super easy to deal with. Don't even think twice! Thanks!

Dodge Ballers 10-22-2011 10:43 PM

Bought his Coiled Remote. Great overall experience. Fast shipping and the remote dosen't look like it was even used. Thanks again!!!

Malafanango 10-29-2011 04:57 AM

Bought some Phantom parts from him fast shipping and well packed, thanks again.

Stitch 11-14-2011 04:16 PM

sold him 1/3 case of Leland 12g's

good communication and paid as agreed A+++


bacci paintball 11-20-2011 07:48 PM

Sold Matt a ranger powertube. He paid quickly and communicated well.

TIJUANAIRONMAN 11-30-2011 01:20 PM

Bought a on/off cage from him, Great seller, super-fast shipping
Very Happy overall experience, would do business with again. :bowdown

Deadmeat99 12-03-2011 12:30 AM

Bought a set of wood grips from him. Good communication. Excellent packaging when shipped. Good price, would definitely do business with again.

Stitch 12-07-2011 09:38 PM


WGP Chrome Slider Frame
2 Molle Accessories

All went fantabulous as usual =) Thank you sir!

Dr. VonDeafingson 12-08-2011 02:26 PM

Bought some pants from Matt. Great guy to deal with!

Hula Popper 12-10-2011 04:58 PM

Sold him my Palmers SS. Paid fast was great guy to deal with.

addbot 12-16-2011 08:04 PM

Positive Feedback
Bought some phantom parts from Matt and transaction was easy. Shipped fast and is well packaged, wont hesitate to deal with him again.

Anoon 12-30-2011 07:08 PM

Bought his LB. Great seller. Everything came well packaged and as described.

bigbrew44 02-02-2012 11:48 AM

Sold him a super bolt barrel. Great guy to do business with. Would not hesitate to work with him again.

PaintballDNA 02-07-2012 05:30 PM

Sold him a V35 halo. Quick payment! A+

Redbeard the Pirate 02-24-2012 01:03 PM

Sold the man a Zeus with an Eframe, paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with!

paintbauler 03-21-2012 01:08 PM

I sold him a Hammer, quick payment, A++ buyer. Wouldn't hesitate to do business again!:clapping:

hellion360 04-20-2012 05:54 PM

I bought an orracle body sniper from Matteekay.
Gun is nice, and his packaging and communication were top notch.


WALZ 04-20-2012 08:44 PM

What a really nice guy you are. Did a trade/cash deal for my Kit Carson and I must say- " What a great person to deal with ". Fast communications, fast shipping and great packaging to boot.
Thanks again...WALZ

Diomedes 05-11-2012 01:12 AM

Bought a couple of Zeus barrels from me that I didn't think anyone would want, a pleasure to deal with, paid quickly, awesome dude.

Also designed the '11 MCB jerseys, which alone is worthy of induction into the [hypothetical] MCB Hall of Fame.

LFD92 07-06-2012 08:53 PM

TRADE - PMI-1 for Empire Trracer

Matt and I conducted a ship-same-time trade and everything went smooth (even though i was a day late due to work). A pleasure to deal with and a very fair trader. Communication was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again!

raptor69r 07-11-2012 01:29 PM

Bought few items from Matt, excellent communication and super fast shipping , A++++ all the Way!

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