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super-cameron 04-15-2011 05:28 PM

Little known facts about the poster above you
I'm bored and wanted to combine 2 threads I've subscribed to recently in a slightly different fashion.

In the same vein of a good "Chuck Norris" joke, post up a random, little known fact about the person who posts above you.

For instance, I will use Carter for this demo:

Carter Brown's urine can, in fact, be used as both a bolt lubricant and as a Bernaise sauce.

Have fun!

ApoC_101 04-15-2011 05:33 PM

little known fact: super-cameron's first name is actually super.

tencent 04-15-2011 05:46 PM

Apoc loves 'Bernaise' sauce

deen 04-15-2011 05:50 PM

tencent is 50cents' dwarf half brother

keen 04-15-2011 06:16 PM

deen originally wanted my name, but had to settle

HurtCow 04-15-2011 06:33 PM

Keen isn't hung like a horse, horses are hung like keen.

super-cameron 04-15-2011 06:38 PM

HurtCow is 97% awesome, and 3% bacon

duff muffin 04-15-2011 06:44 PM

What cameron said is the best thing medic523 has ever read.

Chubs 04-15-2011 07:05 PM

Duff Muffin once ate an entire horse. Real talk.

HurtCow 04-15-2011 07:07 PM

The chick in Chubs' avatar is my sister.

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