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TheQuazey 04-27-2011 10:23 PM

I'm getting infracted/banned over misunderstandings...
Hey guys, I have had some trouble with MCB, I'm a new member and have been banned and infracted over miniscule things. My most recent was a reference to Barack Obama, and I got an infraction because supposedly there are no political discussions on MCB (Who knows why...?) and there is no rule stating this. The mod told me that it was in the FAQ's, but it is never said that I am to read the FAQ's like they are the posted rules, the FAQ's are not my obligation. I believe that MCB should either have a thread that states all rules and is clear to the member, as well as a list of the rules on the welcoming pm that is received when becoming a member. This will eliminate future dilemmas...

Then, there is the issue in which when I first signed up under the name "quazeyman", I, including many other people when first signing up, never received the confirmation email. So, I made another account, which DID receive the email, which is this account. I got banned for this... Having dupe accounts, when the whole issue was because of MCB's email thing never going through. Checked my email and it was correct, checked inbox/spam/trash and never showed up. My TheQuazey account got it fine though. So I would like this to be fixed, so these confirmation emails go through 100% of the time.

I have a good friend named Kevin, from youtube and techpb, famous of the names "qmto" and "Bli11", the dude with all the brass eagle spoof vids. He has tried multiple times to make a MCB account and has experienced the same problem. He has given up though and sticks to TechPB and PBN, yet I think he would be awesome in the MCB community.

This is a lot of typing, and I hope it's worth it...

Basically, I ask for these to be dealt with.

1. Rules thread and attached to the welcoming pm, over ALL MCB FORUM, CLEARLY STATED
2. Fixing the confirmation email issue.

Thank you!
-Blake, quazeyman

tencent 04-27-2011 10:54 PM - FAQ

Its clearly in the rules.. thats all I can say.. try scrolling down?

Also duplicate accounts should be a given, its to prevent spam and you should find that as a standard in all major forums.

Lastly.. have you tried talking to the mods directly? I dont think you are going to get a band wagon following posting like this.

Droop 04-27-2011 11:01 PM

yeah, its deffinintely in the rules my man.
The reason why is quite simple.
Theres a few things that large groups of people will NEVER get along with each other over.
Religion and politics are two of those few.
thats why they are not allowed here.
its best to leave that part of your life at the door and enjoy what we have here. if someone makes a political statement, or religious statement, you will never think of that person in the same light again. even if at the time it means nothing. it may come up again later.
its just one of those things. so dont worry about it. you will be fine. you arent banned anymore. just follow the rules, and make some friends.

shadow_772 04-27-2011 11:05 PM

The FAQ's aren't really hard to find... When I join a place, I try to know what I am joining in the first place. If you want it thrust in front of every new member... I guess it could happen, but your the first this has happened to I heard of.

Try pming carter or a mod about your other account. His name is "painthappy" here as well as other forums I see him on once and a while.

Mar 04-27-2011 11:05 PM

the mods here suck...

shadow_772 04-27-2011 11:06 PM

I agree with Mar. :p

And welcome to MCB man.

russc 04-27-2011 11:16 PM

No point discussing obama, he just released the birth certificate.

TheQuazey 04-27-2011 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by russc (Post 1808861)
No point discussing obama, he just released the birth certificate.

Don't say his name! You're gonna get an infraction!!! ;)

TheQuazey 04-27-2011 11:43 PM

Well I have been receiving some messages from 2 different mods about this. One was painthappy I believe, and the other something like Tugboat. And the thing is, I just don't ever go to a site and read FAQ's right away. I knew that this is a paintball site, I could talk to some people and b/s/t some guns, all I was aware of, and I wasn't needing to read FAQ's about it. But, if the rules were posted clearly, it would have been convenient, who puts rules in the FAQ's anyway? You said it was a place you would have first checked, never would I have spent my time scrolling through thr FAQ's to find rules...

HurtCow 04-27-2011 11:56 PM

^^^Most new people don't get hung up on this. Now you know the rules, and welcome to MCB!

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