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insixdays777 10-16-2011 01:45 PM

Milo's Massive Marvelous Marker Sale!
Milo's Massive Marvelous Marker Sale! NEW LOW PRICES!!! :)

Ship to USA only. (Canooks can ask nicely and offer to pay full shipping and I might consider it)
Shipping is $10.00 and I will cover anything over that. Will be sent with tracking. PayPal Only. Will ship on saturdays.

Feedback: Automags.Org Online Forums - insixdays777 feedback
I have been on all the forums for 7+ years with the same screen name. Willing to do 3rd party if the buyer pays for it.

All markers are 100% functional , chronographed and have been taken apart and meticulously lubed with Hater Maramlade and Macdev Militia Lube where appropriate.

Only selling because I have so many guns that just sit in my closet. Will look at trades, please post trade offers in thread. Post and then PM me. Thanks,

J. Milo

1) Smart Parts Impulse 2009 – Black and Gold. With Box, charger. Barrel with freak insert and Extra Valve stem and Valve ( Very Very rare to have the spare. ) This gun is crazy smooth for a poppet valve great shooter. Zero Leaks. Price:SOLD TO LUNAIC

2) Angel GAT Speed 2006 – Black. Comes with Box, LPR tester and angel tools. Oring spares, Dye Ultra light barrel with 2 backs, Planet eclipse on/off. CCM feedneck and blacked out macroline fittings. In amazing condition. Works best with LP tank. Price: Sold to rlunkle

3) FEP Quest – Dark gloss grey. Comes with WAS board, Critical Bolt, Toolless bolt stem, Clear panel stinger grips. CP on/off. Clamping feedneck. Shoots amazing. Some minor wear, nothing major. Price: SOLD TO BROCH!!!!!

4) ICD Freestyle Naughty Dogs F7 – Black to Blue fade. Comes with after market LPR(looks like AKA or STD, I am not sure) This gun is flawless except for some scratches on the LPR. Looks like new besides the LPR. Shoots great. No leaks. Smooth shooter. Price: SOLD to Bricschu1

5) Smart Parts Nerve – Black and silver. Upgraded LPR. Stock board. All new Orings. Gun shoots really awesome. Its got some light scratches, normal wear for its age. Price: SOLD TO LEXIONES

6) Mokal Aura 2010 – Bronze. This gun is really really awesome. Its like new, no issues and no wear. Great Design, Lightest gun on the market. Not sure I want to sell it. Price : $225.00

7) Smart Parts Shocker 4x4 Turbo – Awesome Green and purple splash. Shoots great. No leaks. 9V mod. Matching barrel. Awesome condition for 10+ yr old gun. Amazing Anno color. Price: SOLD on AO

8) Action Markers Sentinel – Blue. Blowback, Cocker barrel threaded. I have a ton of spare valves, poppets, springs hammers ect. Gun has a valve leak. Nice project or wall hanger from the good ole days. Price GONE TO LEXONIES

9) Smart Parts Vibe – Black. Semi only board. After market 2 tail oring bolt. Reg currently leaks. I am sure its just an oring. I dont have a large enough allen key to take to bottom of the reg apart. Price: SOLD TO LUNAIC

10) Tippmann Phenom - Electronic - M16/AR mag. TechT, pull pins and bolt. Upgraded Cyclone guts to metal ones. GREAT Condition, VERY little use/wear. (Pic if you really have to have it by request) SOLD to Toneg28

insixdays777 10-16-2011 01:46 PM

Sorry some of the photos are upside down. Click the link. Hover mouse over picture and image shack lets you rotate them. Thanks.

1) Impulse 09

Uploaded with
2) Angel GAT

Uploaded with
3) FEP Quest

Uploaded with

4) Freestlye

Uploaded with

5) Nerve

Uploaded with

6) Aura

Uploaded with

7) Shocker

Uploaded with
8)AM sential

Uploaded with
9) Vibe

Uploaded with

SN toter 10-16-2011 02:17 PM

Not trying to lowball but can do 50 for the vibe. Lmk.

insixdays777 10-16-2011 02:23 PM

yeah I will do that.

50.00 + 10 for shipping.

I will PM you paypal.

DOOMSDAYdevice 10-16-2011 03:36 PM

Rx in sig and cci for luxe... Or cci for the gary and some cash

insixdays777 10-16-2011 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by DOOMSDAYdevice (Post 2045924)
Rx in sig and cci for luxe... Or cci for the gary and some cash

Sorry man I already have an RX. Thanks.

DOOMSDAYdevice 10-16-2011 05:19 PM

What about the geo has gst and gr2 kit the anno is love hate only 5 made like this

insixdays777 10-16-2011 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by DOOMSDAYdevice (Post 2046023)
What about the geo has gst and gr2 kit the anno is love hate only 5 made like this

No thanks man. Cash is really the only thing that could get me to part with the Luxe.

DOOMSDAYdevice 10-16-2011 06:05 PM

Ok thanks... I'm interested in the angel still thou

11 sec 03 cobra 10-17-2011 11:14 AM

pm;d you about the shocker

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