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super_stanchy 10-01-2013 11:35 AM

Production Runs....
Im tryin to knock em out.

I have a list of parts I will have produced by the end of the year.
(Thats my goal)

-Halfblock/Midblock Kits
---Sleds Done (200+)
---Pins 1/3 Done, still have 2 more ops
---Bolts Material Ordered today

-Angel Pump Kits
---Main Arms Done
---Guide Bushings Done
---Pump Hammers Done
---Need to order material for handles
---Need to order material for pump arms

-Angel to Empire Spring Feed Adapters
---Material is here
---Programming is 90% done
---Need to setup/proof/run

-Spec Op C-Series Tip Adapters
---Started recording barrel OD's
---OD Programming Done
---Need ID Programming (based off barrel OD's)

-Soda Stream Fill Stations
---Need to prototype/test
---Then Produce

-2k+ Basic Pump Kits
---They might be first of the year, idk yet

-BL Vice Pressure Testers
---Need to design
---Need to do programming
---Need to grab material

This is just a quick list.....
Long story short, im gonna try to keep the CNC running as much as I can and knock out a few parts!

Hopefully they can be financially sustaining and after I make the first runs, I can have the shop I work for, produce future runs ;)


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