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Scougar 10-31-2014 10:19 AM

Smartparts SP-1 Dye DAM Magazine fed marker modification

As I'm using this as my main paintball forum nowadays, I'm going to start a thread on my SP-1 mag fed mods. My original thread is here: UKScenario SP-1 DAM Mags that I will most likely continue to update along with this. But this one has the history. (Also for reference, here is my old Box mag thread: UKScenario Custom DAM Box Mag )

Firstly, I just want to acknowledge some people:

I got some inspiration from a guy called WilliamShattner I randomly found on youtube, and then found he had a thread on TechPB. He had modified an SP-1 to shoot Dye DAM magazines and I was quite impressed.... and I had a hankering to get another SP-1 as I really like them :-) So what ensued is my rapid collection of parts to make this happen, but slightly neater (and unfortunately more expensive compared to only the $35 he spent!! (wowzers.. super cheap!)). It rapidly decayed into a box magazine as well fed via the mag well...which has got pretty expensive lol.

He has been a massive inspiration to me bot with his box mags and with his custom Ion work. He has offered so much advice and help (and now some parts (Thank you!)) that I have found really useful.

Others: people like Oily (with his box mags and other custom work, Deallen with his custom work and many others). Also.. gommie404 in the UK.. if you have never looked him up.. he's nuts (not really, just fun), but his custom work is excellent, look his tech videos up on YouTube :-). Gommie is the one that milled my breech and air ports, which he did a great job with, but I screwed up with the design I gave him and milled the wrong way.. which actually worked out to be a benefit in the end lol.


Present progress:
For the moment, the riser on the scope is just some aluminium square tube. I'll eventually get a proper picatinny riser. Really just the rails on the front of the gun to attach now. It is fully working, and using a smart parts 7.4v (PP3) rechargeable battery. Even has the RF board in there and working. The wiring 'looks' a mess inside, but is stronger than previously. Once I get some field time in, I will go back and redo the wiring again as I'm not happy with it.


Some History Pics:

I test fired it, and aside from some breaks as I'm using tournament paint in mags (not a good combo it seems), it worked great.

As of 2nd March 2016

22nd Feb 2016:
Regulator embedded (loosely) in the stock. It will be improved upon, I just wanted it up and running.

1) Ball release working fine now (After some quick alterations to extend the release)
2) Mag well needs a little work as it is a litle tight with dyecam mags, I assume they are slightly thicker due to paint.
3) Reg needs to be put into the stock. Need to make room in the butt stock tube for it to slide in.

1st paint test (Do not go well lol, but have since fixed the ball release as mentioned):

Parts just laid together, but almost complete. Just needing to fix the wiring harness, clean out the breach/bolt of swarf and then put it all together for a test fire.

The reg and the front grip are not show in the picture. The parts are just laid together for photo as I need to get some suitable bolts. The biggest change in this picture is the cut away mag well.

(The above picture looked a little nicer so I left it there till I paint it up)
Here it is as of 1st Feb 2016 and some of the kit that I got to go with it.

Note that I have changed connecting piece as I was having issues with the solenoid jamming. I also needed something a bit neater as well. I have actually made the backcap part of the retention system as well now. (I wouldn't mind a metal section underneath this for extra strength.)

In the picture below you can see where I have currently located the solenoid.

Here in this picture below you will see that the mistake I made actually assists in having that box section fit in. (Note.. I will be redoing the box section part to make it more secure. Hmm.. and I have literally just thought of an awesome and very simple way to affix it to the frame whilst I was typing this.. cool!)

Here's before I started modding. This image is actually NOT correct, as I found that unless I had a VERY thin air fitting or one that could be angled very tightly, I cannot use the original air port, so I decide to move that airport to on the side. The rear one was in the same position just on the opposite side of the breech due to spinning the breech for mag fed play.

This is work from when I was in the UK:

In the below picture please take note that I made a mistake and skimmed the breech the wrong way. This was entirely my fault as after meticulous planning, whilst at work I hastily put together a second set of instructions for the engineer and drew the schematic incorrectly as I thought I hadn't been specific enough. Thankfully, this has actually ended up helping by having the recess to help locate the forward part of the grip frame... but don't take this image as what you 'need' to do.

In this picture below, I rectified the milling issue with a file which is why it looks sloppy.

Here's with the box mag:

So... there is more work to do, but it's progressing and as long as the solenoid still works and I can get the regulator hooked up, it will be in a prototyped bench testable version very soon. I want all fittings to be secure before this thing hits the field for a proper test though.

Badger 10-31-2014 11:12 AM

Following... Awesome progress on this.

punisher068 10-31-2014 12:27 PM

I was happy to help,pretty impressed you've kept up on your build thru your move from the UK.
Milling the breech down so the mags fit flush was a great idea,with my Bullpup I couldn't get the last round to feed as the spacing between the mag follower and breech was to big.Nice solution to that problem.
I've seen alot of Gommies builds,he's really inventive and amusing,you should convince him to share his projects here
Keep up the good work,look forward to seeing the shooting vid

Scougar 10-31-2014 12:30 PM

I was just typing out some additional comments in the original post and I thought of a way to affix the front grip more securely. There is an existing hole between the box section and the mag well. I couldn't previously envisage a way to utilize that as the mag well sits exactly half way over this. If I put a slot in mag well I can create enough space to make some small fixings/brackets. The downside is that I will need to redo the box section piece in order to extend the small tab I made, so that it can be bolted in from underneath and form the basis of the bracket.

As the top of the Dye DAM magazine is tapered, there 'should' be enough room for a bracket fixing near the top of the magwell.

For reference I'm talking about the tab and the small hole in the ABS Plastic as seen in this image:

Further considerations:

1) Whilst current magazines just hold in position with friction, I should really look at have a mag release. This will help when I use the box mag as that is much heavier than a normal magazine. I'm also thinking about a ball bearing detent for the other side, but I don't know yet.

2) Wondering whether I should cut the 'nose' off the breech off that is sticking out at present, or keep it to form the basis/mount for a rain cover.

3) Wondering if it's possible to relocate the battery elsewhere so the regulator can fit into the grip??? Alternatively, I may try in a second iteration to place the regulator inside some slightly wider box section.

4) Ideally I need to move the bolt for opening the magazine slightly higher up. I mounted it slightly too low and the tension on that spring is quite high.

5) When I cut the feed neck off, I discovered that the feedneck fits perfectly into the hole left for where the regulator would originally fit. I am going to cut it in 'almost' half and use that for forming a mount for the front of the magazine (filling it with epoxy putty).

6) Front grip: The original regulator cover that looks like a front grip I am considering cutting in 'almost' half and placing that in effectively it's original position by the underslung front rail. Not sure about that yet.

7) I want to use the original SP1 back cap still, so I will try to make sure I get that to fit :-) With this is mind I need to put some thought into how I cut off the back sections of the grip.

8) Eventually I intend to (Thanks to Punisher068's assistance/advice/parts) relocate the solenoid back in it's original position on the board in the grip frame, and extend the lines. I need a female fitting to achieve this or use an alternative solenoid (Such as the PMR 2011/12 variant, but that is quite pricey. I can pick up an entire SP-1 for the cost of this solenoid alone!)

Scougar 11-01-2014 04:40 PM

Spent some time figuring out a bracket to hold the front of the grip and the back of the mag well. Pretty pleased with how secure it makes everything.

So far (from late 2014)

In the picture below you will see I had to file an additional section on the breech in order to fit a bolt for the central bracket.

Oh and managed to crush one of my airlines in the vice during making the brackets. Doh.

Scougar 11-02-2014 09:48 PM

Did a bit more work on the mag well and bracket. Whilst waiting for some epoxy to dry I was thinking about the grip, and should I cut it in half (vertically, and mount right against the mag well) or move it forwards? Downside would be not really having that lower rail though.

Scougar 11-03-2014 09:31 AM

Kinda done this the wrong way but have epoxy'd a nut to the mag well so it can be held in place. It is just a working prototype (or Tinkertype lol):

Also, you will see I cut an additional slot (right by the epoxy'd nut) to make clearance room for the nut/bolt that holds the front of the grip/mag well to the body. I am still currently meeting my goal of having everything unboltable for maintenance. I'm not pretending it isn't a bit fiddly at present, I will have to epoxy or otherwise make captive some of the other nuts to make it easier for assembly.

EDIT: Also picked up some 1" square tube just to experiment with regulator placement, and gonna try out some black plastic-dip spray for the first time on the metal parts to see how that works out. If it sucks I'll just use satin black or something.

Scougar 11-03-2014 10:45 PM

I didn't get the epoxy mix right it seems and it stayed dentable to the nail/rubbery. Did not hold. Managed to get bolt tight and mag well is very secure, but I am not happy with the method really. Might need a rethink. Will be tinkering with the front mag well mount tomorrow if I get time, and utilizing the old regulator attachment point for that mounting. Will be filling that with epoxy putty, and that should hold a bolt.

Had a quick play with plasti dip spray. Doing it in the cold at night is not really the best lol.

freedummy 11-04-2014 09:41 AM

Cold? The epoxy can take extra long to fully cure if the temperature is low, might be why it still felt soft.

Scougar 11-04-2014 10:13 AM

Yes, was pretty cold. Took it to the office with me in the hope it would be warmer and finish the cure. Maybe I just need to either keep it warmer, or wait longer (3 days to a week?). I will try it again.

Pretty happy with how firm/secure the attachment of the mag well is at the back, just not happy with how tricky it is to bolt up, need to come up with a simpler solution. I had to drill a hole in the front of the mag well so I could screw the bolt in (impatience getting the better of me lol).

Just super eager to get the prototype working now.

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