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chenXI 05-19-2015 05:31 PM

Pre-2k Pump! CCM pump, Dye single Hinge, Sidewinder - Getting out of the sport
Hey Guys,

It's been quite a while since I've been on this forum or even used one of my markers. And with a move coming soon to a new city and a new job, I think it's time I finally pass on my goods to someone who'll appreciate them more. For sale today is my pre-2k pump with CCM T-grip pumpkit, chrome DYE single hinge frame, and AKA sidewinder reg. Please, no parting.

All prices are OBO (and please do offer!) but please keep offers respectful. Based on what I've seen in the past, I believe I've priced this reasonably but please let me know if I'm way off. I will also offer discounts if you buy multiple items from any of my sale threads! All prices are shipped and paypal'd and everything is sold as is. Thanks for looking everyone!

Pre-2k Pump - $250 OBO

I bought this gun to try out the pump life (which I really enjoyed!) but by that point, I was already playing less and less and I was only able to shoot this marker occasionally in the back yard. As mentioned before, the notable parts are the CCM T-grip pumpkit, the chrome DYE single hinge frame, and the AKA sidewinder. Everything else is essentially a hodge podge of parts to make it a complete marker. Body looks like it was used for experimental milling work. Might not be the best looker but it shoots great and it would definitely be worth it if someone wanted to buy it and then part it out.

One more thing to note would be that there is an AC to Angel barrel adapter on the body that came from the previous owner that I've found impossible to take off. That's why this package also comes with all the angel barrels I own, a .691 stiffi, a .689 tribal stiffi, a gloss black DYE ultralite, and an All American back. I will sell the barrels separately from the gun but not the gun separately from the barrels.

I think $250 OBO is quite a fair price, even if you bought this gun package purely for the valuable parts. Please comment or PM me if interested.

I also have a selection of autocockers and a mystery box here!
Thanks for looking!

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chenXI 05-25-2015 04:21 PM

bump! Offer!

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