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Melvin 10-13-2015 07:44 AM

As promised, photobucket was giving me fits last night.

minimag03 10-14-2015 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by Spider! (Post 3189504)
Maybe I wasn't paying attention, or there is a reason no one fiddles with them.

There are a couple reasons I never used them. They add weight to the marker, sometimes making it front heavy and awkward to aim quickly. They also tend to damage the anodizing on the frontblock, vertical ASA, LPR, and even the other pneumatics. A direct shot on the pneumatics doesn't always cause a hose to leak. And even if it does cause a leak you are out of that game and have time to fix it.

If you really want to use a cover the most practical thing in my eyes is to make one totally out of neoprene like the Circle covers. They won't add a lot of weight or damage the anodizing.

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