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retread 10-21-2015 08:13 PM

11/8/15 Old School Inspired Big Game Classic Paintball CA
Old School Inspired Big Game Classic Paintball


Price: Entry is $30 per player (includes entry and air) payable at the event and this event is bring your own paint.

There will be some vendors in attendance and some paintball celebs like Sonny Lopez (LA Hitmen) and Budd Orr (of WGP and Autococker fame)

Over 60 people already signed up.

Location: 8900 McCarty Rd, Corona, CA 92880
(562) 867-9600

Here's a map

Contacts: Chris Laquinta the GM from Hollywood Sports is the even organizer and we've offered to support him in this first event so there are details on the facebook page and our meetup group site for those interested.
Old School Big Game Classic Paintball - SoCal Paintball MeetUp (Bellflower, CA) - Meetup

Facilities: Real bathrooms (not porta potties) and lunch truck, water, sells paint. Chrono limit is normally 285 at this field.

Date: November 8th

Air Fills/CO2 - included in price

Paint: Bring your own paint or buy at the field, also CC Paintball stores are very close by and open early.

Restrictions...essentially none with old school and vintage markers preferred and folks with electros are welcome but will be asked to use free loaner gravity hoppers being provided without charge.

More info from the facebook event page:

Classic paintball is back! Join legendary players, industry pioneers and local paintball community members as we celebrate old school paintball.


WHAT IS IT: This game is designed to expose the new generation of players to multiple older generations and decades of paintball history. There are no marker restrictions because forcing a player to only use a stock gun or a Sheridan or a autococker would defeat the purpose of the game, which is to help educate players that don't have this type of equipment yet and hopefully encourage them as a community to invest in some classic paintball history. We do expect the vast majority of players to use gear that is at least 15+ years old, but we do encourage every old school player to bring a new school friend.

Entry: $30 per player (includes entry and air)

Game Types: Classic games including capture the flag, etc

Gear Restrictions:All guns are welcome, though we do prefer if you take this opportunity to bring out any old, rare guns and gear (ideally pre-2k) such as Autocockers, Automags, Carters, pumps, stock guns and more! Players using electros will be asked to use a gravity feed hopper (which will be provided free of charge by Paintball Gateway) to keep the playing field balanced.

Hosted by: Chris Iaquinta (Owner: Splat Magazine, Editor:, General Manager: Giant Sportz, Player: Bushwackers)

Scheduled to attend: Bud Orr, Dan Bacci, Bear D'Egidio, and members of many local groups and teams including the Ronins, So Cal Stock Group, LA Hitmen and more.

FrankW 10-21-2015 10:44 PM

You might want to also post in the west coast forum... And possibly correct the year. :)

retread 10-22-2015 07:47 AM

jeebus...I missed all of that...this is what happens when one multitasks at work lol

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