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Scougar 08-16-2016 01:37 PM

Tried out a tipx at the weekend.. urgh.
My Etha wasn't working at the weekend, so a friend kindly lent me his TiPX (or TPX, not sure). Really didn't get on with it.

1) Mag release is AWFUL. Who in their right mind thought that was a good enough? You can't easily release with one hand.

2) Zeta's. Just no. What is it with the mag release that you can't actually release with a glove on? I had to ditch my glove so I could release them.

3) Aiming... Honestly, I really struggled to aim with it. It just didn't seem to shoot where I wanted it, really inconsistent. I was using decent paint (grafitti) as well.

I have used a T8, Ariakon ACP 2.0 and a G2+, and each of those were accurate as hell and consistent and easy to use. The TIPX No. In the end I tried to use the 12 round magazines first as they were so much easier to use.

I am honestly glad I never bought one as I have been really interested up till now. Was kinda like meeting your hero and discovering they weren't all that.

smiffington 08-16-2016 02:11 PM

Lemon. I've owned almost 20 tipxs and just with any mass produced product there can be lemons. I had one, I'm sure there are more out there.

I love the tipx, if I was only allowed to own 1 gun it would be my pistol.

However, despite how much I love it, I actually agree with all your points.

Mag release... Is awful. I just flip my pistol in my hand to hit it with my thumb. So it's still one handed. With practice it has become second nature. And I don't like any of the extended releases, but ive never tried an AMR from winterworx.

Zeta mags.... Suck. I only had one and sold it as quick as I got it. I don't like the stupid follower release and they break way too easy. I primarily use the 7 round mags. completely by muscle memory. I don't use any physical reference point for sighting, just the feels. I've been doing so for 3 years so I should know how to do it by now. The grip is large and awkward, it takes a very long time to become accustomed to it.

Butch3r 08-16-2016 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by smiffington (Post 3299162)
The grip is large and awkward, it takes a very long time to become accustomed to it.

First thing I did when I bought a TiPX was file down the nubin finger grooves on the grip so I can hold it with a tighter proper grip. Why Tippmann would make such a stupid grip I really don't know, I have a feeling when they were rendering the design they just put the nubins equal spacing apart for aesthetic reasons but like the problem of the large hand grips that turned so many players away from the T8 you would need huge gorilla fingers to fill those gaps and hold it comfortably. they must have figured something out tho because the TCR has smooth grips (no bumpy finger nubins)

While aiming is a feel thing the iron sights are not too bad I use them often but I think it comes down to familiar styles like I can shoot my TiPX or my T8 fairly accurately with or without sights because I've shot cases of paint this style since I first started playing but I have a much harder time aiming anything with a hopper or where I have to aim down the side of the marker because that's just not how I'm used to playing. A theory I have on the accuracy of the TiPX has to do with it only having one detent on the side, I feel that this creates a little side spin on a much smaller scale then a apex but still enough to give the ball a slight hook, To maximize accuracy since I'm not shooting pods through hoppers I definitely get a little paint snoby by hand picking my paint and tossing out any deformed or dimpled rounds before loading my mags (every shot needs to count when you only have 7/10/12 round mags).

the mag release is small but like smiffington I got used to twisting my T8 in my hand to hit the release with my thumb so it was a natural transition when I picked up the TiPX, its definitely something you can learn to work with but its definitely not the best mag release. I have a love hate relationship with my zeta mags, I definitely find them to be a little stubborn at times when trying to lock or release the follower to the point you think your going to snap something trying to get it to release.

CoyoteTrang 08-17-2016 12:09 AM

Lot of true points here. I probably got a lemon. It was way too inconsistent for my taste, even after being tech'd with a new PRV, regulator, bad karma bolt, techT springs with the stock bolt, i tried alot. it just wouldn't budge, as well as the occasional ball break, despite it not being a huge damper cause you can usually just shoot through it, the shot still didn't come out when i wanted it too lol. I hadn't thought of the detent being a variable like Butch3r mentioned but it does make sense cause the tipx does tend to hook.

I have heard of people loving their tipx's with no issues, no maintenance time, no money put into it and they work great. I mentioned this earlier to someone else with the same concerns, and like smiffington said it's produced on a large scale and factory tolerances and defects can have quite the negative impact, so i got rid of mine. sticking to my primary for a while and grabbing an 8.1 soon..hopefully it will turn out better experiences for me.

jerryjjackson69 08-17-2016 07:36 PM

I'm not a huge fan either, but if I were going to use one then I would need this:

Scougar 08-18-2016 10:13 AM

That looks pretty neat. That would have made things a whole lot easier.

If it had been consistent I would have been happier. Bear in mind it was my first time of using one.

BenoitOWN 08-18-2016 09:08 PM

Just bought the exalt magazine release tonight and I like it :)

Also it not on your first day that you will be good with a tipx. The more you use it, the better you get.

I just traded for a second tipx so im now learning how to use 2!

EL17E 76 08-18-2016 10:05 PM

The mag release is others have said though if you stick with the stock release you kind of get used to it. Some have added just a small screw to extend the stock release and this does help somewhat. Winterworx has been making his paddle release for awhile Exalt basically copied the generic design and added their jig to make install easier just not sure how well it will hold up over time but either of the two would be a recommendation over the stock release.

Ahhh zeta mags...3 gens and they still IMO have issues beyond the manual follower release which is a big issue especially if as you said you wear gloves. I have tried them numerous times and they still have cracking breaking issues IMO at certain weak points that are unfortunately part of the design of the mag. I have gone back to the tippy 12 rounders again and for .68 have never had issues with them...the 8 fewer round per mag over zetas is IMO negated by the fact that you have to flip the zeta and then manually release the follower.

As for hitting what you want just like anything else practice will improve consistency. I use a slightly longer flexhoned "stock" barrel from an A5 which help me to aim for those longer "looping" shots. Good Long gun shooters do not necessarily make good pistol shooters right off the bat but you can train yourself to consistency. It is a different stance and mechanic no needing to keep the arms tucked no needing to balance the bottle with the marker with the hopper....

The engine of the TiPX I have only one issue with the two I have owned co2 adjustment of the fps was never an issue and consistency of the fps was +\- 5; on HPA while the consistency of the fps was about the same if not better it was either consistently 265/260 or somewhere 320+ with just the slightest tweak of the nut...their is no middle ground ...265 or 320+. Tippmann "upgraded" the engine when they made their SMG sized TiPX (TCR) and you can easily swap one to the other to increase performance on HPA if desired.

If you can find someone with 12 rounders and a decently broken in valve or a TCR valve then you might want to give it another go before writing it off completely.

Ridingmac 08-18-2016 11:39 PM

I just plain love my pistol. I cant seem to get used to any other marker. Each marker i buy i end up with the pistol again.

I do agree with the mag release. Speciallg if your right handed. Since im left handed it almost seem like it was made for lefties.

I dont really mind the zeta release but its an aquired taste. Not really for everyone but after a while getthe hang of it. I can flip a zeta and release it fast then switching a 12 rounder so its quantity over anything else. I can have 40 rnds in the same vest/belt space that a milsig or dye or whatever mag takes.

My biggest beef with the tipx was the co2 plug. Having it shorter then the barrel seemed akward. Made an extended plug but after fielding it once i still have kinks to work out.

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THE-SHOOTIST 08-18-2016 11:42 PM

I bought Evil Sarah one a couple years ago and thought everything was really good, ergonomically. I could hit what I pointed it at even at ranges that would normally be associated with a longer gun. My mags drop out as fast and effortlessly like my customized 1911. It came with a rifled barrel which shoots high right, but is manageable, and the stock barrel is dead-nuts on. Guess I got a real good one.

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