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Pittsburgh Stinkbugs 01-22-2017 02:14 AM

Outlaw paintball in proximity of affordable housing and housing authority
What are your thoughts about paintball done secretly in the secluded woods, level terrain but lots of trees with deer and turkey trails, but is planned to someday (I think 20 years from now) become affordable housing. The housing authority is marking its territory like a concerned momma bear but she has no teeth I think. The spot I'm looking at in particular has no "No Trespassing" indicators which shocks me. Just two slightly offset Jersey barriers. I think the federal government has to authorize them to develop there first. It is sooo nice and doesn't need any bunkers at all, lots of natural concealment even in winter. No trash whatsoever except for an old tire and some 70s/80s era doodads. Do you think the kids in the projects will be thrilled or will it be too much for a lazy white dude to handle? Will the housing authority security fellow have an itchier trigger finger than us crew of paintball players. Am I going to get shanked is what I'm asking

TorBomb 01-22-2017 05:10 AM

I wouldn't risk it. I am not talking about your own liability, or your personal security, or the safety of anyone who might wander by your game. I would not risk the integrity of the sport. Paintball is still a relatively new sport, under a lot of scrutiny from the public and everyone has to make sure this sport does not earn a permanent reputation as a game for miscreants or lawbreakers. People need to see it as a sport played by polite professional athletes who are boons to their communities. It does not take a genius to imagine how a small accident normally handled by an insured field, can spiral out of control. God save us all when the media gets a hold of that. It may seem like its secluded, and you may successfully play there a dozen times, but only one mistake has to happen. It can be as little as an old person walking by and calling the police on "trespassers with firearms" and it could be as serious as an aggravated injury to a player or bystander.

Private paintball is doable. Just please don't take this kind of risk for the benefit of the sport. Play on private property with regulated safety equipment.

Yellow5 01-22-2017 10:24 AM

Housing & land development is the natural enemy of paintball fields. I've seen a couple that were in business for decades be run out of town right after some brand new neighbors started complaining about what they had just built right next to. Noise complaints, scary guns, customer traffic...they'll complain about whatever trumped up offense they can think of to. And neither field I'm thinking of was actually on land they were allowed to build on, just close enough to notice. Don't underestimate the housing authority, neighborhood associations, etc.

Axel 01-22-2017 11:05 AM

If it isn't your land and you don't have permission from the owner then don't do it.

smiffington 01-24-2017 12:09 AM

Aye, don't do it. Even if there are are no legal grounds why you can't, the fuzz can confiscate all your gear on suspicion alone. Happened to a few wee tykes I know that went and played on crown land (perfectly legal). But someone had an aneurysm because they saw them walking there. The fuzz took all their stuff.

SmallTownKaos 01-31-2017 10:36 AM

i play on a private field all the time, for years now. never an issue, but i live in a rural area.

punkncat 02-20-2017 08:35 AM

I pose a few questions for you, OP.

How old are you? How will you and the other players get to the field?

Do others use this area to walk dogs, jog, etc?

As a person who has played on, and created a few TRUE renegade fields......Be prepared to be chased off. Depending on your age, cars, etc. it could be anything from a "get out of here" to being hauled off to jail. In my experience the first time you get caught and your reaction to it will determine a lot. Be cool and be apologetic. Keep in mind that in some areas you could be considered a threat by police forces all dressed out in paintball gear.

You have to be hyper alert to the possibility of unmasked, non players entering the game area. Shooting a non participant is certainly an assault and in some places is a felony.

We played for years on a water company easement. It worked out great until we pissed off one of the people that lived adjacent to it. Renegade ball typically works out best in areas that people can't see or hear you. Leave no trace.

Riot 03-08-2017 02:04 AM

We used to play in some local woods that was illegally shared by horse back riders, paintballers, hikers, dietbikes and the like. They mostly steered clear of us, but when they rode by we didn't shoot them.
I think eventually a horse became frightened when a marker ran too low on co2 and threw someone off. I've never confirmed and this was about 15 years ago.
I guess what I'm saying is, go for it.

If you get beat up, well, you probably won't go back. But also, if you're too afraid of low income families, you probably shouldn't go for a handful of reasons. Lol.
I find it incredibly difficult to believe that there are committees of people looking to condemn paintball as a sport and shut down the community of us ne'er-do-well hooligans, but god damn do people like to paint that picture.

That said, if it's private property and the police do show up, have an escape plan. Throw your marker under some leaves to pick up later (if necessary), be polite and you'll probably just be asked to leave. A simple trespassing ticket is only like $90 if it's came down to it.

Edit: in case you missed my original point. Respect other people using the woods. We always did and thus they returned the favor.

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