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Bulldog 11-01-2017 06:52 PM

FS: Custom Longbow-Style Magfed Autococker Tactical Trilogy
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A few years ago I had a friend with a machine shop modify this Tactical Trilogy to be mag-fed. He took the body of a RAP4 T-68 (now renamed Firestorm) pistol, liberted the magazine mount, and then milled the feedneck off the Trilogy to fit the mag mount. Two screws hold it in place. I never got around to having it duracoated, so some machining marks are visible from the customization- despite my best efforts with a Sharpie.

Works great- have never had a chop. Only fielded it once or twice - mostly just plinked in the back yard. With a quiet barrel and some tweaks to the timing you could have a near-silent sniper.
  • Delrin Bolt
  • J&J Ceramic 10" barrel
  • Palmer Fatty regulator
  • ANS wrap-around grips
  • 4x 20-round Firestorm pistol mags (2 original and 2 newer style)
  • 1x 10-round Firestorm mag
  • Custom made (by me) 3x20-round mag pouch genuine USMC MARPAT Cordura, with matching printed seam tape and buckle webbing. MOLLE back. Never fielded.
  • T-68 pistol Hopper Adapter with clamping feedneck
  • I have a baggie somewhere with the stock bolt, reg, and other bits, that I will throw in if I can find it.


iKNOWaFATman 11-01-2017 07:21 PM

This is pretty cool

Soolio 11-01-2017 07:53 PM

If only I had the money;) glws

Dover 11-03-2017 09:52 PM

That is absolutely bad ***!

Bulldog 11-03-2017 10:24 PM

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Selling on Craigslist be like...

iKNOWaFATman 11-04-2017 08:25 AM

Lol i always get them to send the check. Then mess with them.... twll wm im keeping all of it, give them the wrong pick up address, tell em to meet mw places ill never be....

Bulldog 11-08-2017 10:27 AM

I was thinking more along the lines of burying whoever comes to pick it up in the ravine behind my house, but pranks are good too. ;)

Bulldog 11-16-2017 10:40 AM

Price drop!

Venom268 01-07-2018 05:34 PM

Are you willing to part with the 20 rd mags?

Bulldog 01-10-2018 10:18 AM

Sorry- I want to be sure whoever buys this has plenty. Has MCS stopped making them?

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