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bassninja 08-21-2018 09:52 AM

My First Electro Experience
After exclusively playing pump/mech and maintaining a thouroghly anti-electro stance for the last year, I grudgingly played a game with my buddy's CS1. I found that I prefer the way my Enmey shoots and feels to the CS1, but that once I started walking the trigger, playing just became way too easy. I only got three eliminations, which is about on par with what I normally get in a game, but it felt like I didn't have to work for it. I moved less, played sloppier and shot about 5 times as much paint as I would with my pump. After the game ended, I immediately started feeling like I didn't want to give the CS1 back, so I handed it to back to my buddy and picked up my pump, eager to play the next round and see how it would feel after playing with an electro. I played pump for the rest of the day, but it felt dull and I found myself being annoyed with my lack of firepower. Now, a few weeks later, pump is fun again, but I find myself eyeing cheap electros in the BST. Has anyone else had interesting experiences with electros, similar to this one?

Riot 08-21-2018 10:12 AM

I want to reply but not get off topic, so I apologize if this missed the mark.

I had the opposite experience, sort of. I have always loved the idea of pump, I’m not going to say you guys are better ballers because, obviously different skill sets come with different styles. Example being, snap shooting. I was in the fort at EMR one year and a guy was shooting fully auto (you think semi electro is too easy...phew), so after he paints the side of the fort the guy next to me, pump gun in hand, jumps up, fires one shot to the kids face, and we carry on. Amazing. But I digress.

I finally get around to playing pump with my sweet CcM, cold as ice sniper and a borrowed 50rnd hopper. I make my way out to the field. The speedball type course first, I’m staying back, getting the feel for the marker. See a head. Pop a shot. Miss. Repeat. I get recruited by a group on a mission to head into the woods and follow. We get ambushed, but a few of us survive and continue pushing on. We arrive at the other end of this enormous field to protect a flag. A few small fire fights leave us and the other group that was there pretty small. They know we’re there and three guys come up from the side I’m
Guarding. I do my best to defend, but it’s three electros vs me. I hide a bit to try to ambush them, but it’s just woods and they know where I am. Needless to say, I get absolutely lit up and left to walk all the way back across the field.

I walk out, swap in my angel (I shoot mostly old electros) and sell the sniper as soon as I get home.

Pump is one of those things I want to love so badly, but I find to be mostly ineffective with the style in which I play and move through the fields.

I shoot mech too, it’s strictly pump I can’t get a feel for.


In direct response to your story though, I suggest you buy a cheap/mid level electro.
You’ll find yourself playing a completely different game, and if you’re up against other electros, it really isn’t “too easy.” I’m definitely going to give pump another try, I just require a unique pump marker.... because that’s really my style... old and/or unique...’more than type of shooter. Ha.

davey2shoes 08-21-2018 10:21 AM

^Much respect for the guys I see shooting old electros. I get giddy anytime I see an old chromed out angel or bushmaster.

I think part of the pump mindset is to be in it for the individual experiences throughout a day out, not the outcome of the games. Thats not to say I don't like winning but its easier to get into pump if you count each encounter as a whole, rather than a piece. Am I just rambling? Pretty jetlagged.

pearcem 08-21-2018 10:36 AM

I have had the same experience. I play mostly pump, stock class, and single shot, both FSR and regular paint. I have a nice mech, and have had a few nice electros over the past few years.

It's almost addicting to play with them at first, but it is amazing at how easy it makes everything feel after playing limited paint. When I have switched over to semi, I also find myself shooting a ton after half a day or so, and just getting bored.

I don't get to play as much as I would like, but I usually just have more fun playing with limited paint guns, especially for walk on. The outcomes are not nearly as good in terms of eliminations or wins, but the wins and eliminations that happen are so much more fun and rewarding. It makes me work harder and think a lot more about movement, timing, aiming, etc..

Playing scenarios and big events with pump or stock class is a lot harder, and it seems a lot easier to get outgunned. I think I finally found the right balance for me: FSR for scenarios, and pump or single shot for walk on.

ProtoNY 08-21-2018 10:49 AM

Against my better judgement, I'll put don my flame-resistant slide shorts and wade on in...

I know that feeling. One of my friends couldn't make it to the field one weekend and let me borrow his brand new (at the time) Etek 2. My first feeling was how it "elevated my play", and I couldn't remember the last time that I had gotten so many eliminations in a day. What my game was missing was, apparently, just better gear. I quickly learned how to walk-in my shots and I was laying down as much paint in a single game that I would have previously done in an entire day. The feeling of having a massive amount of firepower made it feel like a different game. After that day, the arms race had found its new huckleberry.

Over the next several years, I picked up a few electros and played with them religiously and exclusively. My pumps sat in my backup bag like a pair of forgotten socks, stuffed under the bed. That feeling of being all-powerful would eventually start to fade away, and it could only mean one thing - that I just needed a newer marker, of course! This trend kept up for a few years, until I was asked to come out and play stock with a few friends. Without batting an eye, I obligated myself to go out and play, looking to put all of my new skills on display.

Reality set in extremely quickly and I realized that the skill that I thought that I had possessed really did not exist and the skills that I did have previously, and did not realize, had been dulled by the passage of time. Almost instantly, I was frustrated. But, I wasn't frustrated with how I was playing, rather as to why I was playing as poorly as I was. While I was being seduced by the never-ending stream of "latest and greatest", the actual time that I had spent to improve myself as a player, previously, was not being leveraged in any way, shape, or form for the last several years.

My first reaction was that the game had moved on, and I had moved one with it, unbeknownst to me. Reflecting on that full day of play with nothing more than a single elimination (and I am still not convinced that it was from my marker), I started to list my gear on eBay, apart from one electro - you know, just in case? As each auction closed, I found that I had surprisingly little attachment to the equipment that I had picked up over the previous few years. It actually felt good to get rid of it, for some reason.

A few months later, with no real catalyst, I started to think about my backup gear bag, still sitting under my bed. Not being able to sleep, I pulled it out, took it into my home office, and started pulling out each marker, one by one. That attachment that I didn't have with the recently sold electros was present in full force with each marker that came out. With each one, I could remember games from ten, fifteen, or even twenty years before that. At the time, I had only really been to PBN, as far as online communities went. In a post on there, someone had referred to MCB as something like "paintball's old folks home", when I had my epiphany. I realized that not only are those the people I wanted to hang out with, I was one of the "old folks", now. And, ultimately, that really did not sound like a bad thing.

That was about two years ago, or a little more, when I joined up here. Some of the people here, I found, had stories and viewpoints that were similar to mine. It felt like more of a family than a group of strangers with some tangential shared interests. Not only did I feel encouraged to make my backup gear bag my now-primary gear bag, I felt the need to add to it. So, I started picking up things that had passed me by, either due to lack of interest, at the time, or because when I had gotten in to the sport, it was out of my league.

Do I get as many eliminations with my pumps or the few mechs that I actively use? Not a chance. But what I do get each time I go out is the satisfaction of knowing that there are still a lot of places that I can continue to improve my game, over twenty-five years after the first time that I took the field. Once again, I remember not just specific games, but specific eliminations. Each game, I find something to take away that I can use to improve myself as a player and I work on it. It is harder work, in my opinion, but that makes it all the more rewarding.

In the end, I am not trying to insult anyone who feels differently than I do. Some people have evolved with the sport and, to some, the current state of the sport is all that some people know. As long as people find satisfaction in how he/she plays, then that is all that matters. My regrets are my own, mostly in being sucked into the industry's perception of what the sport is and replacing my reasons for playing with marketing mantra. That, and allowing myself to throw out years of doing things in a way that worked for me and brought me actual enjoyment, for the artificial high of believing that I had become a better player than I actually was. I will glad take, with humility, being outclassed by a teenager with his/her shiny birthday present and no sense of trigger control for the occasional time that I one-shot someone in the goggles while I watch their shots land twenty feet from my boots.

bosgarage57 08-21-2018 10:50 AM

I have the most respect for people out there shooting pump or even magfed in my local area. Everyone else is usually mech (me) or electro 10.5 ramp.

A not so local field does a pump and magfed only day about once every month or so and it is so fun to be able to go out and play with like minded people and not feel underpowered.

As for electro, I never leave home without my gtek, etha 2, enmey (now being replaced with a emek) and usually 1 other marker just in case. PE really knocks it outta the park with their markers, and the used market on the is low currently.

Riot 08-21-2018 10:56 AM

As one of the few electro guys around these parts, I’d like to point out that I refuse to shoot new light weight guns. I do have an RSX and it’s amazing, but it quickly took a backseat to my angel and impulses.

Rainmaker 08-21-2018 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by davey2shoes (Post 3512016)
I think part of the pump mindset is to be in it for the individual experiences throughout a day out, not the outcome of the games.

I agree with this, at least when you are playing against a mix of Electro/Mech/Pump players. I mean, you are legitimately out-gunned and disadvantaged when you play pump against Electros, so unless you are pretty skilled (not me!), you can't expect to win a lot. But I find myself enjoying pump the more I use it, and it's fun to have some crazy moments to share.

Like once we were playing a neutral flag game, I had my ER2, and I was somehow able to get into some tall grass right next to the flag. It was just out of reach, and I'd get plastered if I went for it. But I took out maybe 4 or 5 opponents who were going for the flag, all while hiding in the grass - they couldn't find me! Once they figured out where I was, they painted me up with their space guns, and won easily, but the thrill of those two minutes was the highlight of my day.

JonnyDread 08-21-2018 11:20 AM

I still prefer pump over all else, but this year I've opened myself up to different styles of play and I have enjoyed messing around with the new mechs and electros a bit.

It took me 2-3 years of regular pump play before I felt comfortable going toe-to-toe with space guns. I absolutely love it now, but it was a long process to get comfortable and work on snap shooting, etc.

Jordan 08-21-2018 11:37 AM

I like semi for the advantage of a quick follow up shot. I rarely run a 200rnd hopper anymore, so even with an electronic gun I'm not exactly hosing anyone down.
I like the idea of playing to enjoy singular experiences... I think that describes my playing style. I still remember my last elimination - I had probably 4 balls left on one side of my double Ion and managed a headshot from about 50 feet away on a guy in a tower.

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