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bosgarage57 10-24-2018 10:22 PM

Evil Pimp Help
Friend sent me his evil pimp to be rebuilt. I changed the orings in the LPR and ram/body before airing it up, but im having a couple issues:

1) When aired up, even with the marker off it will fire in rapid succession, almost like a Tippmann sear issue.

2) LPR doesn't read any output, thinking the reg seat is toast, but no matter if you twist in the knob or not it goes nowhere. Will a bad reg seat do that?

Can parts still be had for these or is it a lost cause? Haven't even checked the detents, but read they take timmy detents right?

Jordan 10-24-2018 10:26 PM

They take Spyder detents, I'm not sure if that's the same as a Timmy detent.

I personally would ditch the stock Pimp LPR and put a Timmy LPR on it... the stock LPR is finicky about it's reassembly and not worth the effort to me.

bosgarage57 10-24-2018 10:31 PM

Thank you for the quick response! I need to get a list together of stuff I need. Wish I had a friend with a Timmy I could swap stuff around on. He's wanting it operational to just sell it anyway so he may be better off cutting his loses and selling as parts

ogti9g9 10-24-2018 11:18 PM

A bad lpr can make it fire like that, to much input pressure.

Jordans got the right idea, find a good intimidator lpr and slap that on there.

bosgarage57 10-25-2018 07:29 AM

Any type of Timmy regulator, or does it have to be a specific Gen?

Jordan 10-25-2018 08:05 AM

I want to say 2k2 but I'm not 100% on that.

ogti9g9 10-25-2018 11:07 AM

Anything up to the 2k6 era i believe will work.

The_Hyren 03-26-2019 06:33 PM

They use any timmy lpr that has the output inside the threading. Not sure what year that ends at but its gen2 until then, gen 1 had the schrader in the front block so they wont work. Also you may have trouble with those as the valve spring sits on the end of the lpr so if the distances are the same then your valve will leak or not close quick enough. I recall someone using washers to fix this. The reg seats cant be had that I know of but I bet someone could make them. Its just urethane, figure out the thickness and diameter and cut a sheet with a punch. Also the rapid fire sounds like a solenoid over pressuring. It may have a safety vent that when the pressure gets to high vents and shifts the spool. Try running the marker at 100psi off say a shop compressor and see if it still does it. Shop hose to asa adapters can be had for $10 anywhere and are excellent ways to tech leaks and solenoid issues.

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