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GanonsGrin 10-25-2018 12:37 PM

Ganon's Big Clean Up Sale!
Alright, so I've been meaning to get to a lot of this for a long time but the time has come to finally part ways with my random piles of parts and markers.

Prices are for US residents and do not include shipping. I ship using flat rate whenever possible for ease of packaging.

If you have any questions or you would like any more pics, please just ask.

I’m not looking for any trades since this is the beginning of my purge.


PGP2k - $60. SOLD
Paint missing from Barrel tip and around pump, no fiber optics and the plastic to bits are banged up. There is also a ding in the top tube as pictured. Gun seals up and fires but there is a very slight leak when the gun isn't cocked, otherwise once cocked it functions fine. Missing rear frame screw.

PGP - $75. SOLD
2k pump, PMI rubber grips. All seals were replaced and she Functions perfectly.

Sheridan Stock, UMB panels, homemade stick Feed and auto trigger setup - $45

Crossman Stock w/ 12g Holder. New screw holes drilled for Sheridan alignment - $25


Bob Long Millennium - $70. SOLD
Gloss black body, stock internals, expansion chamber, CCM feedneck, will include a new BLAST Millennium frame with no guts.

Classic Spyder - $60
ICD .45 frame block, rubber ANS grips, LAPCO vertical adapter, ANS expansion chamber, metal bolt slot cover, metal detent cover, rear cocking cyclone bolt and clsssic LPC.


Rocking Trigger Frame - $20
Mako Storm E Frame - $35
Boo Yah ELCD Frame - $35

Dye Single Trigger Frame - $40. SOLD
Taso Spyder .45 Clear w/ Brass Trigger Shoe - $45 SOLD
Centerflag Hyper Frame - $100 SOLD
Bob Long BLAST frame, empty - $15 (shown in Milly photo above) SOLD


Trinity 15* Forward Assault Block w/CP Gauge - $40. SOLD
White Delrin Twistlock bolt - $10
Black Delrin Twistlock Bolt - $10
Akalmp Lightning Bolt - $20. SOLD
Akalmp Rear Cocking Bolt and Birdcage - $20 SOLD
Akapp Mitey Max LPC - $50 SOLD
NW 15* Vert Adapter - $5. SOLD
NW Slim Sissy Stick - $15 (beaver tail adapter)
NW Slim Sissy Stick - $15 (beaver tail adapter)
NW Fatty Sissy Stick - $15 (beaver tail adapter)
Rear Cocking Bolt Handles (x3) - $10 each 1 SOLD
Frame ASA adapters (x2) - $3 each
TASO LPC - $10
Neo Power Valve (x2) - $15 each BOTH SOLD
Shocktech Velocity Shim Kit - $15. SOLD
AKA Sidewinder reg - $80 SOLD
NOS Benchmark Gloss Blue Sight Rail in Original Package - $12


Beat Up Classic Mag - $100 shipped
Mismatched valve with ANS back, body sloppily cut for smart mag conversion, metal WGP frame with homebrew splash paintjob, foregrip, ugly drop, and 32* on/off. Crownpoint Barrel. Unchecked, but all internal parts are present.

Green Kapp foregrip extender - $10?
Black AGD foregrip extender with LAPCO dual port Vert ASA - $25
VASA (x2) - $5 each. BOTH SOLD


Silver T Stock - $15 SOLD
Painted T Stock (spray painted black over gloss blue ano) - $15
Trinity MP5 Stock for A5 (part of one anyways) Free - GONE


Stainless LAPCO Bigshot .689 Cocker - $15. SOLD
Stainless Dye Cocker - $15. SOLD

Black Painted Taso? Spyder - $5 SOLD
Red SP Teardrop Spyder - $5 SOLD
Polished Stock Silver Spyder - $5. SOLD
Black Stock Spyder - $5. SOLD
Short Black Dye Spyder (Custom milled?, raw threads) -$10. SOLD
Stainless Back Gloss Black Front Dye Spyder (x2) - $15 each SHORT SOLD

Short Dye Stainless Back Dye Automag - $20
SP Black Front Automag - $10
Stock Bull Barrel Automag (x2) - $5 each
Dye Stainless Automag - $15. SOLD
Armson Automag - $15. SOLD
NOS Armson with Original Packaging - $25. SOLD

NOS SP All American Gloss Green Front Montneel - $20? SOLD


Powerex 9v Battery Charger (x2) - $30 each 1 SOLD
Noxx Boxx 1" Loudener - $20. SOLD
NOS VL Dagger Trigger for E Frames - $1 FREE with any purchase or pay shipping
NOS VL High Rise Thread On Feedneck - FREE with any purchase or pay shipping
NW Mini Mag Light Barrel holder - $3 SOLD
NOS ACI Microline Hose Kit - $10. SOLD
Black co2 Quick Changer - $10 SOLD
Silver co2 Quick Changer - $10. SOLD
Black Knurled Back Dropout Bucket - $5. SOLD
Brass Quick Changer Tool (From BOS I think) - $15 Shipped
F4? Illustrator Grip Frame - $5 PENDING

GanonsGrin 10-25-2018 12:38 PM

Reserved for more

magmoormaster 10-25-2018 01:25 PM

you tease...

ProtoNY 10-25-2018 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by magmoormaster (Post 3528373)
you tease...

brando247 10-25-2018 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by ProtoNY (Post 3528378)


a.greenleaf 10-25-2018 02:29 PM

I was hoping the stuff would be up when I got back from lunch.

iKNOWaFATman 10-25-2018 02:45 PM

Reserved. Cuz i can.

Rainmaker 10-25-2018 02:59 PM

What, are we reserving seats for the show now?

I guess I'll reserve seat #8

AnarchicArctic 10-25-2018 03:07 PM

This is why Gannon grins

GanonsGrin 10-25-2018 03:25 PM

Lol, I'm updating this in between projects at home. I hope to have pics up by this evening. There are all taken, they just need to be updated to imgur then posted. Didn't want to keep the suspense any lower.

This is Round 1 for now. I will have more markers to post up in Round 2, but they will mostly be Spyders and other cheap markers.

Once I get all of my future Sheridan projects laid out, my spare brass bits will be coming up too.

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