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Nectaris 02-14-2019 03:28 PM

My small collection
Still own them all.

Salmon 02-14-2019 03:30 PM

Nice! Quality shooters

Nectaris 02-14-2019 03:38 PM

Thanks. Thinking of turning that cocker into a pump. That pro-carbine was always fun to play with, it is so accurate. Over the chono it shoots at +/- 1 fps.

Trying to find a linkage arm so I can take the 68 special to a field this year.

JonnyDread 02-14-2019 04:21 PM

Fun little collection. Have you checked out Bacci's site for the 68 special linkage arm?

I see you're in NH, do you play at OSG/AG/BOLP?

Nectaris 02-14-2019 05:09 PM

I did see the Bacci sight and went out to my car for my credit card :)

I have played OSG and AG. Tend to play AG more as it is closer.

JonnyDread 02-14-2019 05:32 PM

Right on man, I play at OSG a lot and semi-regularly at AG so I hope to see you there! If you end up building a pump they have bi-monthly pump days at OSG that are really fun.

dcroenne 02-14-2019 08:27 PM're favorite color

Nectaris 02-14-2019 08:53 PM

Dude why would you think that? Its obviously purple.

Third of Five 02-14-2019 10:01 PM

I too run my .68 with an Armson barrel. Solid set of all purpose markers you got going there! Got a Siphon tank for the .68?

Nectaris 02-14-2019 11:59 PM

I have 2 but way past hydro. I have my old fill station so I could rent a tank and fill on my own but I also have a tank vice so i can put the valves in a new bottle.

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