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glaman5266 02-14-2020 03:19 AM

Need Screw Threads/Sizes
I picked up a Spyder Flash & I need screw threads/sizes, as it's missing a fair number of screws. A quick Google search didn't turn up much, but maybe I'm not searching correctly... I need threads/sizes for:

-trigger frame
-ESP grip panels
-sight rail (same as trig frame?)
-setscrew for bolt/hammer link pin (rear-cocking bolt)

Also, I need a bolt/hammer link pin. What can I use to make one?

Any help would be appreciated. :)

Trbo323 02-14-2020 10:39 AM

If I were you I would just bring it down to a local hardware store and start trying screws. They will be metric

For the hammer/bolt connection, I would think a machine pin would be the way to go. Just fine the right diameter and cut to length

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