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C_losjoker 05-04-2008 02:24 AM

Advice Please?
I had posted this on here in a different area, maybe it was the wrong area. Please let me know if this is still in the wrong area.

hey guys, was wanting to get your thoughts and advise on the. I have two friends that I recently took paintballing. After playing pretty much all day, running around shooting at each other they were beat and tired as hell. But they are hooked, both recently started looking around for guns and stuff to buy.

I guess they came across a store out where they live, which has couple of WGP Orracles, some pumps, Black Magics, and some of the newer ones the Superstock and trilogy series. They really like to autocockers, but wanted my advice if they should get one of these, which one or should they look at something else. I know a little more about paintballing then they do, but not a veteran. I know the there so many different types and models of these WGP, like the orracle, the mini-orracle, E-orracle, and the pump and the rest too.

Again wanting your thoughts and advice, should they pick one of these up, which one and what should they look to pay for them. Or should they be looking at something totally different.

Ok found out little more information, two used Orracles, one new pump, new superstock and some new and used trilogies. Those are the options they are looking at, you guys think they should pick one of them up, even if they are used?
Thanks all

Mar 05-04-2008 10:42 AM

Hey! Recently the auto-cocker market has bottomed out, and the prices should reflect this. A trilogy should be less than $100.00, I wouldn't pay more than $200 - 250 ish for a stock WGP Cocker in pretty much any configuration: mini-e, black magic etc... ( a kernivore would be the exception here) As far as maintenance goes: cocker's are IMHO for tinkerers...if the timing goes, you will learn how to time it, or die trying... The pump cockers however a monkey could learn to operate on, and I can prove this, as I can vivsect mine and reassemble it...

There are plenty of great 'starter' markers out there, in fact the market is flooded. WHat is the price range you are looking at? WHat kind of marker do you see yourself with? (electric, pump, mechanical, military looking, space looking...)

nunrleft 05-04-2008 12:05 PM

Mar is correct, the Cocker market did bottom out several months ago, but it's pretty healthy now. Trilogys' are commonly over $100 now and it's tough to find a stock 2000 for less than $180.

In my opinion Trilogys' are great beginner's gun. I'd recommend that beginners stay away from any other autococker. Steer them towards a cheap Spyder or other stacked tube blowback until they learn to take care of them and decide that they aren't getting into paintball on a whim.

Once they know how to care for their marker and know they are going to play for a long time then look at the autocockers. Autocockers are great, and don't take alot of maintenance once you have them tuned correctly. But, if you're new to the sport, the last thing you want to try to fix is an autococker.

dukie 05-04-2008 12:06 PM

I love my cocker (s)! You won't regret getting one. If it works out of the box ( which it should, since they are tested before leaving the factory) just leave it alone except for lubing and cleaning. They will give you many years of faithful service. They generally do not need upgrades other than for personal preferences. I found this price the other day for a trilogy starter pack

Dick's Sporting Goods - Gun/Marker Packages: WGP Worr Autococker Players Kit

99 plus tax delivered !

That is a rediculously good price for everything you need ot get started, especially for a cocker. It may be a trilogy, but its stilll going to be a great starter marker. All of the compliants I see about trologies appear to be about the grip frame ( its an oversize single finger trigger frame, and people complain about not being able to fit two fingers in, 15 pounds of crap will not fit in a 10 pound bucket! Sorry !) And the other is the intreagrated 4 way, since it can not be upgraded--- if it works why does it need to be upgraded?

Any cocker is going to be a nice marker! If you are buying used, make sure that it has been properly maintained. Just like a car, if it sounds clunky it probably is. If it cycles smoothly and repeatably, its likely in good condition.

It is true that cockers can be a pain in the arse to time. But if you don't start taking them apart , they should never need adjustment.

splattttttt 05-04-2008 04:55 PM

I'd go with what ev3r would be simplest to maintain.
Not being that familiar with modern day cockers such as the Trilogy (older models were a bit more finicky). maybe a Spyder, work your way up.
A pump would eventually come in handy. Easiest to maintain is the Phantom.

pillage 05-04-2008 07:37 PM

As far as cockers go, Trilogy's are more tamper resistant than the orginal cocker, and can be gotten for about the same price as a Spyder. Depending on how your friends are, the simple blowback, Spyders and clones is always a good starter, as they are simple and realitively cheap. Cockers are great in general for the tinker, as has been pointed out. Most timing issues are user generated, and are generally the result of somebody tuning/tampering with something when they don't know what they are doing. The directions for timing them is easily found on line.
The Cocker Haiku:
It worked before?
Screwed with it didn't you.
Got what you deserve.

lilmatt87 05-04-2008 09:38 PM

Buy a cocker before you buy a spyder:old:. Keep in mind that that line of markers is i believe being dropped by there maker

SportsJunky 05-04-2008 10:16 PM

I would second that spyder idea. They have really brought their markers up to par, they have eyes and a stock regulator, electric and very simple to maintain. It would be a good choice.

Mayvik 05-05-2008 02:59 PM

Spyder 08 Electra.

Simple STBB, Tadao-made board with eyes, on-off ASA, standard vertical reg threading, clamping feedneck, and can run both CO2 and HPA, decent looking millling. Can't really beat that if the MSRP is $250 (meaning you'll probably see them with a MAP of $200ish).

C_losjoker 05-06-2008 01:15 PM

thanks guys for all your responds and advice. Always very helpfull.

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