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hawaiianking 07-04-2008 03:02 PM

If You Like Stock CCMs, Dont Look Inside!
I promised pics of some cut CCM guns (S5 and S6) last week. So here you go.

First is a S5. Its not my gun but I did the machining for a friend. It started as a gloss S5 body that he wanted to halfblock. I gave him the option to leave the left side flat or cut the groove to be symmetric (a little lighter too). He opted for the groove . He also wanted to do something about the front area below the barrel. So I cut off the rails off that were on the sides. I left the serial numbers intact, although I think the warranty is voided, not sure. Still waiting for the halfblock kit to modify the sled, and a CCM halfblock hammer. The sled has to be shorter in front to save the wire detent screw. P.S. The owner drilled the holes on top for a SC feed but it didn't work out, not my doing.


Next is a midblocked S6. This is my gun. I bought it used from some kid that didnt take care of it. There is some anno wear and there were some pretty deep gouges near the hole on the top tube for adjusting the sear lug. Dont ask me what the hell he was trying to do. So its not like I went and "hacked up" a perfectly good body. I wanted to midblock it (vs halfblock) cause the line of the body are very nice. I also did it to get rid of those gouges. I still need another CCM halfblock hammer, or I could slot the one I have. Also I am still deciding on the pin and plunger design.


here pictures right before anno. as you can see certain portions were poslished, it started from the rear of the bottom tube where i removed material that was there to match the back block. i also milled the 86 frame to take a PE OOPS asa.

here are some pics back from anno. i went with gruntbull ive heard some stuff but mine came out alright. not perfect but alright.

heres some behind the scenes stuff. handle is almost completly hollow with a teflon sleeve. main guide rod has been hollowed as well.

and some action shots but at las vegas premier on a recent vaction (credit P/T H3RO for the pics)

heres some pics to show that this gun get used and abused
this is from the oahuscenarios 2010 game at Bellows (credit gary baum from

this my all time favorite picture of the gun from when rod and mel (miss you guys) came down to hawaii playin at wheeler (credit P/T H3RO for the pic)


chefboi17 07-04-2008 03:08 PM

haha, awesome!!!!!!
i've been waiting to see who would be the first person wiling to cut up a series 6
also that s5 is really clean, should be mint after a nice anno job

russc 07-04-2008 03:08 PM

Nice, I like how the milling styles on both accent the original body lines.

Cunha 07-04-2008 03:09 PM

They both look fantastic.

Get them anodized.

pizzaluvr 07-04-2008 03:14 PM

Those are very sexy. REALLY nice.

I don't really like the extra groove in the S5.. To me that is one of the sexiest things about those guns.

It would be really awesome if you kept the connected parts of the CCM logo on the S6. But that would also be very complicated.

Weights? The S6 stock is fairly heavy, almost 3 pounds.

worrptangl 07-04-2008 03:23 PM

I like them

But do you think you could mid block a S5 with minimal cutting. Just to loose the back block?

CCMachinist 07-04-2008 05:37 PM

very nice job HK.Mill work looks nice and clean.Now we know what a hb S6 looks like.

xkpxfatassxx 07-04-2008 05:53 PM

Great job doing what everyone else wouldn't do.

Talfuchre 07-04-2008 07:05 PM

The milling is awesome and your work made me realize why I don't like CCM's to be done like these.

It makes them look like any other 1/2 blocked marker. Meaning you could do the milling of the S5 to any slab sided Cocker and get the same result - looks wise.

The 1/2 blocked S6 looks like a Black Magic now.

Again, the milling is TOP NOTCH and well respected. I also like the use of materials - like the mid blocked use of the Delrin bolt. You took out the back portion and the result looks GREAT.

Just not in the eye of this beholder.


Heebs 07-04-2008 07:25 PM

I agree with TF.

The half blocked S6 looks like a BM, which looks terrible to me. The S6 is amazing as is. I don't mind hacking up a S5 though, there is a ton of meat on that thing to cut.

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