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Nyxd 10-03-2012 04:00 PM

Pirate Superstocker
-Reversable cram and jam feed
-.685 barrel with wedgits
375 for the pirate No trades please, but make offers if you think i'm missing the mark. Thanks!
As far as trades i'd be interested in buzzards or CCM pumps. A real steel AK would be very preferable too.

Falcone 10-03-2012 06:21 PM

Is the stock not attached in the pictures? or is that how it sits on the marker?

That GX3 is amazing.. wish I could spring for it but not in the cards sadly.

Nyxd 10-03-2012 08:04 PM

I can't believe I missed that, yes the stock wasn't tightened down in the photos. I'll fix that with new pictures.

Nyxd 10-04-2012 12:24 PM

Fixed the pics and removed the ecocker. I am reminded it isn't a pump gun :)

Nyxd 10-07-2012 05:00 PM


Nyxd 10-09-2012 06:49 PM


headbuster_916 10-10-2012 02:04 AM

What's the bore size please?

Nyxd 10-10-2012 09:41 AM

685 with wedgits. I'll edit the OP that's important.

YeloSno 10-11-2012 02:05 AM

How's the work on the stock? Looks really rough.

Although, I am interested and have an S6 I'm trying to move...

Nyxd 10-11-2012 02:58 AM

The stock is a mar original. Its a bit rough towards the bottom. Not to make lemonade out of lemons but it does create some texture to hang onto. The part which cradles the gun is good though. I'm a cocker guy through and through, so i'd be open to exploring a trade for one.

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