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aheg1220 01-23-2013 04:38 PM

Custom built RF sniper - CCM, PPS and more
Up for sale is a RF sniper I built after gathering all the best parts I could find. I put well over $500 into it, it works and shoots like a dream. I just find myself playing stock class all the time, so this beauty doesn't really get any field time. I'd rather have it in the hands of someone who plays with it than have it collect dust in my room.

Cosmetically, it's a 9/10. There's a ding on the beavertail, some minor wear around the pin hole in the back block, and a teeny tiny mark on the body near where the back of a barrel would be, and the face of gauge on the stabilizer is cracked (doesn't affect performance).

Here's the list of the goodies that went into it:

AKA lightning bolt
CCM lowers (minus valve)
CCM 86* trigger frame
CCM vertical ASA
CCM pump kit
PPS LT valve
PPS Stabilizer
CP direct mount ASA

PRICE DROPPED: $400 OBO, [-40 without .684 microshot]

Not looking for trades


Will include one of those elbows made of indestructible plastic

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