Pump Guns Is there anything more pure than a pump gun?

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Dsp phantom project .....$460 shipped

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>


After a year of the build, I’ve decided to part or sell it off as a whole. I’m sad, but I got some other things I need to take care of. I have machine and hand polished every since part I can think of; trigger plate, DSP frame, poppet cap, every valve part, TPC, Flory feedtube)

Included will be the clear pump (I milled out the back end a little to help clear the ASP breech. I was trying for a flush barrel/pump matchup), the front and rear thumb screws, pump arm, TPC, stock spring.

I don’t want to part, because AS IS….it’s ready to go play. But if there isn't any takers, the PART OUT begins....

I’ve shot balls through it with various parts and all together since I was trying to find the best match-up in terms of ported, or not ported TPC. She can hit over 300FPS easy with a handchrono.

Post or PM with questions, PAYPAL ONLY to 48 states.
USPS shipping to all items, PRIORITY on all at the additional of $5. Shipping cheaper if you get several parts. DSP is 15 since it’s a chunk of metal.


1. ASP RF CCI breech (it includes the 2 sets of o-rings, and the set of the white plastic ones)
2. Dukie DSP Grip – 2ND run (RAW). I have 90 + of the extra transfer port o-rings. It comes with the CCI QuickCharger (RAW), CCI Trigger shoe (RAW), and the Dukie grip crews that don’t scratch up the QC. I ground down the trigger plate (different trigger method than the 1st DSP batch) so it just trips the sear. Awesome feel and grip angle. I even have all the valve internals so you can rock and roll.
3. 6’ CCI Freak bored barrel from Mongo @ Dessert Duck – I bought it when I got a DuckSlide, sold the slide about 2 years ago.
4. Rainman UC kit – It is the polished silver and I upgraded the spring. I feels and strokes better than when it had the small spring on the lower arm, no disrespect to Rainman, but it feels better this way.
5. SSC Trifluted Hammer – I cannot rave more about the abilities, time turnaround, communication, and ideas that Ryan has put out.
6. Flory XT Feed (RAW)– Where are you? He disappeared one year and no one has heard of him since. This was the most extreme cut of Flory’s Feedtube designs. I can only be used on a Bobbed valve….so it’s perfect for the DSP Frame.

Together -

Exploded –

Price list (all prices in USD)and include standard USPS shipping rats:
DSP grip (includes the 90 + orings, CCI trigger shoe, all valve internals, front/rear thumb screws) – 330.00
Stock Class RF ASP Breach (includes the 3 sets of inserts)– 55.00
SSC hammer – 35.00
Flory XT Feed (includes the top set screw and feedgate)– 50.00
Rainman UC Kit (includes updated larger main spring and set screw) – 45.00
CCI Bolt – 15.00
DD68 CCI Freaked 6” (includes clear pump handle)– 40.00

OR, buy the entire lot for 460.00 shipped

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Brass and Wood Fan
Any trades?
I am a cocker guy
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Sorry ugler, no trades.
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