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RTR Gargoyle #31


Hello Folks!
Up for sale is my Gargoyle. #31 as indicated in pics.
Price is $550 USD. I'll ship it for that price. I paid over $700 for it.
Comes with everything stock, and the grips pictured.

A little disclaimer: This gun works. (It chronographs at 300 FPS with no leaks) That being said, I have only shot 20 rounds out of it. I haven't done any work on it because I had other projects. It came to me this way. It was used HARD by previous owner. I wasn't happy with it, but was willing to get some work done to make it shoot and feel how it should. I have a good friend who has experience with these guns and it just took a little time and elbow grease, and his shoots the best of any stock class marker I have ever held. That being said, I had a plan of action.

This gun doesn't NEED some work in order to function. But you're going to WANT to put some cash and time into it, trying to be honest. The pump stroke is very binding and sticky, compared to that of every other Gargoyle I've held.

That being said, I cannot in good conscience sell this gun for anywhere near what I paid for it. I'll be losing close to $200.

These are the things I was planning on doing to make this gun better:

- It's a little scarred up on the inside where the Guide and Pump rods go, so that was going to be polished. (Can do that by hand)
- The delrin bushings in the pump handle that surround the barrel are scarred up enough that they need to be replaced. This will help the pump stroke.
- The outside of the barrel needs a polish now, in order to make the stroke work better where those bushings ride on. (Was going to re-anno it black after, check pics)
- The cocker-to-phantom thread barrel adapter has serrated wrench marks on it, as well as marks from the front screw. (I was going to purchase another one, they are on RTR's site for $25, then anno it black with the rest of the parts I wanted re-done. Check pics)
- The feedgate was dropped and thus is bent, to the point where the "backup" oring mod can't even fit the oring in it. I figured a way to straighten it without scarring it up too bad, using a thin wedge, but it was probably going to leave marks and thus was going to send it in to get re-anodized black with other pieces.
- Three out of the four trigger group screws are stripped, and need replacing. (you can get them out, I made sure, just get all 4 replaced.)
- The grip screws aren't stock and were replaced with Phillips-head that are too long.
- Needs a good tune up from Rodney before anno. (Aligning the pump rods) Was hoping to get the screws and barrel adapter from him while the gun was in his possession.

All-in-all, it looks like about $150 worth of parts/anno/tuneup and a couple hours of elbow grease with some polish, hence the price decrease.

Serial number with stripped trigger group screw.

Left side, with grips uninstalled.

Right side, again with grips.

Wrench and screw marks on the Barrel Thread Adapter.

Barrel wear.

Thanks for looking, and I hope that a handy tinkerer can make this gun how I had hoped to.

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Get a garg while you can, and for the reduced price you can throw some fancy anno on it
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...gargs are hard to get! It needs a little work, but it will be shooting well! I sold him a R7, deal went exceptionally well! Buy with confidence.
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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Thanks guys. And I just read something I would like to clarify. The trigger housing screws are stripped... Like... The hex key part. Not the body of the gun itself (purple part). New screws would fix this problem, the holes do not need to be re-tapped/threaded.
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One of my favorite guns ive owned. Hope it gets played with wherever it goes!!
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Pic of the bent Feedgate.

It doesn't affect normal operation (hence why I didn't straighten it).
It would only affect you if your feedgate's plastic fingers broke throughout the day, and you wanted to try to utilize the built-in backup that RTR has built into their specific feedgates. You could use an oring or a elastic band to act as a jimmy-rigged feedgate to get you through the day.
A simple wedge driven into the slot should straighten it.

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To The Top!!
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SOLD pending payment plan.
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Good for you man!
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I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
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