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Looking at the pics, it looks like they powder coated the stainless sliding breech. Either that, or opted to make it out of aluminum. Interesting.
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carbon fiber pump rods?
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Am I the only one who is equally exited to get the fibur as the actual marker?
(ok maybe I'm alittle more excited for the marker )
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Closed bolt FTW
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very glad i ordered the black...not digging the blue
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Originally Posted by shadow102 View Post
very glad i ordered the black...not digging the blue
I am okay with this shade, its a lot better than the previous one, this is nearing the shade i expected them to use.
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I'm a little concerned about the way the thumb paddle attaches...

We were told that the rods are fixed and can't be removed. So now it appears that the thumb paddles can't be removed. I was hoping to be able to try it with or without the thumb paddle.
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I'm sure it'll be fine. They wouldn't design it like that, let alone make grooves to place it anywhere along the rods.
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If I remember right, the only part they said the rods were permanently affixed to was the back plate.
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As glad as I am to have an update, I really wish it wasn't going to take another 2-4 weeks (estimate) But I guess I would prefer that to something that was just thrown together.
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Well, looks like this'll b fun for Pump Pandemonium then.... Since I'm about 99% sure D-day will be out of the question at this point.
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