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Just hit 500 rounds fired through mine. So far the only real issue has been the ASA, which has been solved. Mine has stopped auto triggering when its gassed up as well. Like shadow said though, I don't plan on using it.

Also, every once in a while I do get a misfeed. This can be solved by cocking technique. Rock the gun down slightly, then bring it back to horizontal. There is a recessed portion of the feed tube that will hold a ball right over the breech really well. Then there is no pressure from a second ball on top of the one in the breech. Doing this has virtually eliminated feeding issues for me. Trying to shoot too quickly, I get careless and thats when I have feeding issues.

I have to say, I really like the pointabillity of this gun. You really barely have to aim it with or without a stock. I'm using a JCS folding T stock on mine so I can choose to shoot it as a rifle or pistol. It has a very intimidating look and pump sound. The mechanics of this marker feel amazing, and it seems very consistent. With a raincover on this beast, it is just so quiet.

I can't wait to actually get out and play with it.
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Closed bolt FTW
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found my first metadyne mess up...ended up receiving two left handed thumb paddles

that tab i guess i was seeing is the little aluminum piece that holds the detent, it does have a cupped portion on it. I think if that was wider that would solve the problem.


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looks good shadow102, especially with the red grips.
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Yeah, those Hybrid grips really do accent it nicely.
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00185 showed up in lakeland florida today!!!!
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#00150 finally showed up in South Jersey.
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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
#00150 finally showed up in South Jersey.
I think I got one of the "finished" ones. The vert asa didn't screw off when I tried changing out a 12 gram and it doesn't leak air. Hopefully after a few hundred or so shots it'll still work.
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Alright, so now I'm perplexed... and running out of 12grams to test.

Everything seems mechanically fine, works great (without air). However, the gun just isn't getting air from the 12gram. I took the entire bucket changer off, and unscrewed the set screw and took off the VASA. Now, the oring that sits up against the body seemed to be fine, no broken parts or chunks blown off. However, after I screwed the VASA back on, I noticed that the hole didn't line up exactly to the body. The hole is about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way covered up by the incorrectly lined up VASA. The perplexing part is this. where the set screw left it's original mark was about a 1/8 or 1/16 to the left (unscrewing direction) of where I was able to tighten it too. This means that originally when the gun was working, the holes weren't lined up at all... Currently I'm getting a consistent 'chuff' sound as I cock it, and a dainty 'puff' after I pull the trigger. Certainly not enough air to even think about shooting a paintball.

Unfortunately I don't have a strap wrench to tighten it down, but it still strikes me as odd that the original set screw mark was in the opposite direction of tightening it down (to the left). I figure this is my only problem, but am open to other suggestions of what the hell my Thumper might be throwing at me.

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I still am waiting to get mine............
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@ chillinspyder2, based from what I've read... There might not be a need for the ports on the vasa and the Asa lignin up. Furthermore, most of what I've read regarding shoot down, may only be related to the piston either being bent, or not fully toured down.
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