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When your response to getting overshot is to get the Splatmaster out.
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When your main battle tactic is shoot out the other pump and then finish off the electros.
When the older reffs give you pats on the back and fist bumps because you are the only person under 20 with a pump
When you must be cheating, because your gun is obviously more accurate and shoots farther.
I get asked about the 'increased accuracy' of my pump almost every time I play. No one seems to believe me that my gun is 'normal/not witch craft'.
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When you don't mind giving a bag or two to the guys on your team to keep them in the game because there shooting semi/electro and can't afford to buy another case and you know it will be at least another month or two before you will need to open the next bag

When a guy pops up on the other side of your bunker with a semi and shoots the guy beside you so you put two in his chest without AT before he has time to turn to you.

At a big game they had my team switch sides halfway through to give the other guys a better chance. So I duck behind a bunker with another guy, I watch a dude with a blue arm band take the opposite side of our bunker and think its ok he's blue not even registering that we just switched sides. When he popped up and shot out the guy beside me I realized I made a poor lapse of judgement so in a panic knowing I didn't have much time to react I put two on him for good measure.
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When the speedball players at your field are terrified at the idea of you playing with an electro
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You get tired of explaining to people its not the gun its the player so you settle on telling them its technosorcery
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....when finding half a case of paint in you closet means you can play for a month with out buying any more.
....when the first thing you think of when you get a new semi/electro (auto-cocker only kinda guy) is what is the best combo to pump this one.
....when a new marker for you is now newer than 2005.
....when you only use your mech cocker when you have "too much paint"
....when you and your budy are picked last the first game then not alowed to play together on the same team the rest of the day
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Originally Posted by Patar View Post
when you walk around the field looking for all the other pump players!!!
That's because its more fun to play with other pump players!
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your teammates ask to borrow a pump/pocket hopper/50rd pods/10rd tubes/12g's/pump harness.
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When the rookie ref puts you on the team with arm bands (vs the team without), and the veteran ref looks over the teams as they leave the safe zone, and upon seeing you on the same team as the electros, rips off your armband to 'even up the teams'.
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...a case of paint is an investment.
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