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Pulling out you "Open Class" marker seems like cheating.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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My home field has become a big pump field mostly because guys show up talking bad about pump then we smack them around a bit, next weekend they show up with pumps so the pumps getting picked last doesn't normally happen

When you play 7v7 pump on semi and win, and the second point the semi's are scrounging around for more paint.
When no one wants to run snap shooting drills with you
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when playing 10 vs 10 you bring one tube of paint (use hammer 7 with first strike(if balls then bring 2 tubes))
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It's all good
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Going at a large event, seeing everyone buy two cases of paint for their electros, while I only buy a case and play with my S6.5 and have enough for the final battle at the end of the day
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...when you know you "need" a semi yet you are subconsciously making plans for your next pump.
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when you play next to an electro, and say, i can use all your paint right now and still get the same amount of kills as you at the end of a day?
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When you take 30 seconds to assess field And line up shot with your semi,
Both semi and pump i shoot mag, so every shot counts.
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Originally Posted by turbowagonman View Post
This thread came to mind (on the field during a game) when I switched from "tube feed" to "hopper feed" and found myself "rock-n & cock'n" with a hopper on gun! ............. I then thought "do-ooh"!!!!

So I guess that's when I knew "I play pump when...."

Your not alone, I play stock pump 99% of the time. Yesterday I pulled an open class sniper off the wall and did the same thing! LOL!
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When you refuse to attend scenario games that require a 1 case minimum per registration.
When you go to a scenario game with 1,000 people, buy a single bag off a teammate, donate half of that to the tank crew, and still make it through both days and final battle.
(I was shooting a PGP.)
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when you pick up a tipx, snap, then get behind cover, rock and whaitaminutewheresmypumphandle!?

Happened to me first time i played with my new tipx.

Also, when you play a scenario game, and do a mad dash superman dive to pop a tube into the hopper of some guy at the front line, who is already out (that was my last scenario game btw).

When you don't understand what all the fuss is about having a true 260 ball spires, when i can get through a whole game on one 12-gram and a pair of tubes.
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