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toymachine 10-22-2012 09:56 PM

Thumper O-Ring Kit
Anyone interested in an oring kit for their Thumper? Or someone you know's Thumper? :D


Originally Posted by short304 (Post 2515870)
Okay I have a question before I place the order; I've got a supplier lined up w/ a quote for the dozen or so metric sizes I intend to start stocking in Buna-70. My question for you all is, do you see any benifit to having either the 1x4mm or 1x15mm orings in Buna-90? If not, I can supply the following 2x kits for the Thumper:

Thumper Rebuild Kit #1 - all Buna-70:
006: 5x ($0.40)
010: 2x ($0.16)
012: 1x ($0.08)
015: 1x ($0.10)
016: 1x ($0.10)
021: 1x ($0.10)
109: 1x ($0.12)
112: 1x ($0.12)
1x4: 3x ($0.45)
1x15: 2x ($0.36)
Kit Price: $1.99ea

Thumper Rebuild Kit #2
006 (Buna 90): 5x ($0.70)
010 (Buna 90): 2x ($0.28)
012 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
015 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
016 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
021 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
109 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
112 (Buna 90): 1x ($0.14)
1x4 (Buna 70): 3x ($0.45)
1x15 (Buna 70): 2x ($0.36)
Kit Price: $2.63ea

NOTE: these prices are based on my current prices for standard sizes and the unit prices that I will be listing the metric sizes for. Shipping will remain the same no matter how many rebuilds you purchase, and will be $2.46 shipped w/in the US and $3.51 to Canada.

I will start taking a "pre-order" of sorts (ie: a list of purchasers and qty of kits via a post in this thread), once I have the metric sizes on order, but will not collect any $ till they are inspected and ready to ship. So PLEASE feel free to leave some feedback on the kits listed above, my inital question in this post, and any other suggestions.

Following red leader's post in the other Thumper thread, I gave him the following list of sizes he'll need to get together for these oring kits. If anyone notices anything wrong with these numbers please let me know so I can alert him, although everything does seem in order.


Here is a complete list of the oring sizes required:

piston: 109, 006 (x2), 112
regulator: 006 (x2), 012
valve: 010 (x2)
breech cylinder: 1x15, 021
12gram adapter: 016, 015
v-asa: 1x15
under 3 set screws: 1x4
trigger frame safety: 006

So that would be total of:

006: 5x
010: 2x
012: 1x
015: 1x
016: 1x
021: 1x
109: 1x
112: 1x
1x: 3x (not really necessary as they're used to seal static setscrews/air passageways)
1x15: 2x
Alright Thumper owners! Who's interested?!?

Thumper O-Ring Kits cost $1.99-2.63USD
  • Buna-70 Thumper O-Ring Kits cost $1.99USD each.
  • Buna-90 Thumper O-Ring Kits cost $2.63USD each.

Shipping via First Class USPS costs $2.46-3.51USD*
  • Continental US will be an additional $2.46USD.
  • Canada will be an additional $3.51USD.

Obviously it is in your interest to purchase more than kit at a time, as shipping for one kit would either cost about the same or more than the shipping itself...

EDIT: If anyone has a Thumper with the most recent (non-drop in) main valve/piston upgrade please let me know what size o-rings it needs so I can update my list and alert Short that an option for newest main valves/piston needs to be offered. I haven't met or heard from anyone who has this newest edition of the main valve/piston... My priority are the other main valve/piston models though, as these are what the vast majority of Thumper owners have, not to mention have problems with... After all, the newest design is supposed to work without an modifications needed, after your send your Thumper into Metadyne for the required machine work I mean, so I don't see much need for an o-ring kit for it. But I like to be complete, so... :rolleyes:*sigh*

Check out short304's O-Rings For Sale page for all your O-Ring needs! He offers pretty much any o-ring for any gun ever made and will put together custom o-ring kits for nearly any specific gun or reg if you ask. All in all very legit, professional little operation.

*Ask for info on shipping outside the Continental US and Canada.

ANYONE on PBN or any other forums? Especially those with a pump section or some place where people have talked about the Thumper and her related frustrations. Please let me know, I have work for you :)

LilShank 10-22-2012 10:53 PM

I am, I had actually been thinking about asking to have one of these made myself.

toymachine 10-22-2012 11:03 PM

I had a feeling this might peak your interest LilShank :) I'll update this thread and my first post with cost info once Short gets back to me.

BTW have you had a chance to test the higher durometer idea? Good idea indeed!

LilShank 10-22-2012 11:12 PM

It sounds like a great idea :) I actually haven't had my Thumper apart for a while, so I haven't tried to swap any o-rings yet. I have been relaying the info from the other thread, especially in relation to the higher durometer o-rings, to our local dealer and anyone I can find with a Thumper, just to give them another route to go before they have to try and get a hold of Metadyne.

I'll actually talk to everyone I know with a Thumper to see if I can't drum up more interest as well :)

toymachine 10-22-2012 11:17 PM

I can't thank you enough LilShank! That would be great :)

vv0mp 10-23-2012 06:12 PM

Can I just give you my money now?

I'd take like 10 rebuild kits lol

toymachine 10-23-2012 06:19 PM

I'll see if we can't set up a pre-order for good folks like yourself hc ;)

Sadly shipping isn't included, but it's not much extra to Canada (like 1 something more dollars).

VagabondStarJXF 10-23-2012 06:25 PM

I'm interested although I've yet to fire my Thumper in-game as yet. It works, or it did when I tested it, I just haven't had a chance to properly play.

toymachine 10-23-2012 06:40 PM


Short of an inline reg, this o-ring kit is probably the best thing you can get for your thumper, working or not. The best part is anyone can afford this at about $3.00!

mikeds80 10-23-2012 11:09 PM

I'll absolutely be down for a few kits.

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