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Kayleekat 11-15-2012 09:08 AM

Reg or no reg?
I have a sniper pump with a phantom feed and 12g on the Vertical asa. I'm up in the air if I want to add a reg or not.

The logic i'm using is if I put on a reg I can use a lower pressure and get more shots out of a 12g. But do I get that many more shots out of a 12g if it is regulated?

Thanks for your input.

idkfa 11-15-2012 09:16 AM

I like running regs on 12 gram Snipers. If you tune it a bit you can get great results:

Kayleekat 11-15-2012 12:33 PM

i'm getting about 20-25 shots out of a non regulated 12g. ill have to pick up a reg and see what i get out of it.

toymachine 11-16-2012 03:51 AM

If you're running stock class, with a rock and cock horizontal phantom feed setup and using 12gs as power source, I think you should first ask yourself this before getting into whether or not you want to add a reg:

Have you been using the proper high pressure valve in your sniper while you've been running unregged 12g co2? If you're not using a hp valve designed to operate with an input of around 800-850psi, you sniper is a serious under-performer when it comes to efficiency, consistency and overall ability to run like the tank it in fact is. If you've been using a mid pressure or low pressure or stock wgp valve with unregged 12gs, definitely look into a high pressure valve (see PPS's Low Turbulence High Pressure Sniper valve) while you look into getting a reg set up.

Given you're running stock class, a horizontal feed + 12g changer, I'd personally recommend not getting a reg to setup on your rig. Well, that's what I'd do and have done in terms of some of the snipers I've owned and put together. I prefer simplicity, and the less parts there are the fewer things there are that can go wrong or break down (especially when we're talking about a stock class sniper!).

Now if you're interested more on running CA, whether bulk co2 or hpa, I'd definitely look into getting a reg set up on your sniper build. What the reg will do that nothing else can do quite as well is increase your efficiency (and consistency, generally speaking). You won't reap such benefits of using a reg because you set your sniper up for mid or low pressure, but because you can use you reg (and if you get one you absolutely should as it wouldn't otherwise be a regretful waste) for is to most easily and effectively sweet spot your sniper (to adjust the springs, ivg and reg's output pressure to put the over sniper system in equilibrium and thus have it tuned for max performance).

Now, if you decide to go the route of the reg, you need to also figure out what reg you should get. Money is obviously a big factor (I swear that used AKA sidewinders for $40 or a bit less on ebay and where not is like the best deal ever, although running unregged 12g co2 through a sidewinder can be a little tricky). So is what kind of valve you're using or going to use (i.e. different regs work better at 100-300psi while not working at anything other than that, other regs work well from 200-550psi and yet others 100-700psi). Gotta figure out what your input pressure should be, ball park range, before you can really go after getting a reg or finding a deal on one. Likewise, you need to take into consideration what you'll be using the reg to regulate: co2 or HPA? If you're going to continue using 12g, you should get a reg (such as WGP's black magic, ergo or old stock inline reg that isn't externally adjustable but is also one of the best values for running on 200-500psi on a sniper whether used or not; you should also look into the stabilizer from PPS, especially if you're going to be using 12gs as they sell stabs in a variety of mounting configurations). And on that last point, if you decide to get a reg you are faces with a common problem folks who want to also run 12gs in conjunction with their regs: where to put the reg and the 12g changer. I think, if using 12g and a reg, a stock with a 12g changer build in (AGD Micro-CA I and II for instance) allow for the cleanest look, assuming you'd otherwise be using a stock. Of course you could also run the 12g changer directly into a female stab mounted to the bottom of the trigger frame where the asa bottomline would have gone. Or you could get PPS's CART reg with an incorporated 12g changer (don't really recommend it as it's once of the most expense reg setups and you can only adjust the reg's output pressure internally, forcing you to take it and the 12g changer built into it apart when adjusting the pressure, which would obviously make it a pain in the a$$ to sweet spot).

Okay, I'm talked way too much already. Sorry if I came off sounding condescending. Super tired, super duper tired.

Let us know what you plan to do and end up setting up on your sniper! Good luck!!!

p.s. with a HP valve and 12g changer without using a reg you can expect a realistic 30-35 shots per 12g (this is what I generally get using stock class snipers with the proper hp valve setup). If you reg a reg and sweet spot your sniper's springs/ivg/valve pressure, you might be able to get upwards of 45 shots per 12g, but that would require significant work getting things running properly and broken in in order for it to happen. Not saying you can't do it properly, just that it's not something you sit down and finish within ten or fifteen or twenty minutes. And of course using the reg you'll get better consistency than running hp. Like I've said, how many times now? I prefer unregged stock class guns, unless I'm running CA, in which case it wouldn't really be stock class.

idkfa 11-16-2012 08:12 AM

^One thing to keep in mind is that regulating a Sniper for 12 gram use will not only increase the number of shots, but also the consistency of said shots. You get a flatter velocity curve. It is fairly common for a sweetspotted Sniper to get 35-40 shots at a constant 285 fps with essentially no drop in velocity.

But I totally get you on the simplicity comment, and if it is any indication, I don't own my regulated SC Sniper anymore.

toymachine 11-16-2012 11:40 AM

But are you really okay with how ****ing long-winded and repetitive that post was... ;)

this is why I normally don't drink coffee and energy drinks in the afternoon :rolleyes:

idkfa 11-16-2012 12:37 PM

Nah, I come here because I like to read other people's paintball ramblings. It's all good. ;)

Kayleekat 11-16-2012 08:46 PM

Thanks for the input, the previous owner had this marker set up for regulated 12g and the origonal LP valve, but when it was sold to me it had a gas though grip. For this marker I want to try to keep it to 12g as I already have a sterling and a SB piranha for a CA setup.

I picked up a CP reg in a lot so I'll be giving that a shot and see how it works after I sweet spot it. Will let you know how things work out.

toymachine 11-17-2012 09:38 PM

Might want to add a filter between your 12g changer and reg. I mean, it's kinda of a pain in the *** to maintain and/or replace them, but it'll make things significantly easier on the cp reg doing the best it can. Still, in any case, I don't think you'll run into any major problems. Just keep an eye on the reg's internals and properly lube/clean it every 2000-5000 shots.

turbowagonman 06-05-2013 07:47 PM

I know this is an old post but I have a question when it comes to sweet spotting my reg. I have a new Sterling STP that's had the Jubilee treatment done to it and my efficiency is pretty amazing. With my speed set to around 285-290 I can go 30+ shots above 270. But I want to make my shots more flat. What I have is a palmer's male stabilizer and I'm running it on a 12 gram, with that being said, when I sweet spot it should I do it with my Co2 tank or can I accomplish the same result with my 45/4500 HPA tank?

Thanks in advance

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