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Pump regulars using electros

So am just wondering if any of you pump regulars have ever gone to the feild for a day with an electro just to see how much better you can do? I did near the begining of summer, I had just got a Ironman Timmy for speedball and I decided to bring it out to the woodsball feild I usually play (outlaw with no marker rules, only shoot under 300 fps) so a lot of people usually have electrotriggerd tippys or egos or angels ramping yaddah yaddah (a lot of cocker owners too which is alwase good) and I am alwase there with a pump. So I brought the Timmy out just too see how much better I would do when put on a level playing feild with them (as far as markers go). Man did I ever kick butt, we had a 10-6 defend the hill game (6 defending) and I was able to take the whole team out myself including 2 surrender kills. Other than that I found it rediculously easy the entire day and was basicly teminator killing, just walking around shooting people without really needing to be behind cover lol. In the end though after all the giddyness of being able to shoot at least 15 times in a second instead of waiting for that one ball was over it was pretty boring, too easy so I don't think I will be doing that agian anytime soon. I also found it to be a real boost in confidance, sometimes you can't help but be a little depressed when you go out on the weekend and get your butt handed to you by guys with super high rof markers, but when you come back with one of there markers and walk over them it really lets you know that all the effort of practising and using a pump has in the end made you a better player(I only started pump this year). If you havnt give it a go it's a nice little break for a day, and will help you re(if you used to play semi) or get(if you havnt) a feel for what is going through those players head's and will help you when you think "now what the hell is that guy gonna do?"

Anybody else ever tried? Any good stories?
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I only own one electro gun that works as it is supposed to -->

I have other e-triggered guns in the works but I have tried e-guns such as a Karnivore, an older Shocker, a walk-on's e-mag and the like. Played about the same if I had my A-5 mech and automag.

Perhaps that's just me though. It's not the gun but the player that is able to USE the gun and use it well.

Glad you had a fun time though.
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I usually play with a pump(85% of the time).Sunday we were playing backyard ball and had 24 players.I used the pump for most of the day.1-3 eliminations per game.At the end of the day I switched to an alleycat(mechanical semi).I had 5 elims the first game and 9 the second.I guess it made a little difference.
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I've never owned an electro, but I might eventually pick one up. Usually the move from my phantom to a cocker or classic mag is a big enough difference in itself
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yep, im often temped by the darkside. i love mech guns aswell, and i have an AKA gun of each type, so i can't neglect them all the time.

it sure is fun thats for sure.

but my pumps always feel bad, and they frown at me, and they get jealous. sometimes i open my gear bag and i can just tell the pumps and semis have been fighting.
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starts off small at first
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I have my AM Sentinelle... Should the urge arise. Not likely though. Gogging a semi toter with my pump is the reason I continue to put my best foot forward.
I did however just pick up a P68AT now that I'm gettin older, d :
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I shot a dm4 a few years back. Hated it. I painted everything but the other team,trees, the ground, my shoes, my team mates.
I did however enjoy the excal I shot due to the owner having the trigger programed for a heavier pull. I do find that I just get lazy when I use any semi. But there are times that the fire power comes in handy like at Castle. I just can not afford to feed an electro.
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I wouldn't say throwing an electro in the hands of a pump player is necessary, but maybe just whipping out a semi. I can think of a handful of games in the past few months where I've decided to go semi instead of pump like I've been playing for just over a year now. Switching pump to semi definitely shows a difference, ie. you get a lot better!
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Two weekends ago at a MOUT game I used a friends Invert Mini for a little while [while he was doing something sneaky]. It was nice to be able to send a "rope" of paint in response to some sniping by opponents. It definitely kept their heads down at the least. I enjoyed it so much I'm actually contemplating buying one for those rare times I feel like shooting something semi [usually at MOUT sites].

I found the Mini just as accurate as my Sniper and having the ability to send some follow up shots without cocking lead to some nice eliminations, including guys darting across streets. Down side is it is so easy to shoot that paint consumption does rise rapidly.

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just picked up a beater angel after years of being anti semi..i feel like a hypocrite , but it was an effin blast

granted my buzzard gets jealous and demands attention, but........

for those really bad days there is the angel and an emergency case of paint fund for when life pisses me off
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