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AT hopper choices?

So I just bought a ccm autotrigger kit and was wondering how it keeps up with a gravity feed. I've never used it yet since I have no air so I'm curious if I need to buy an electric hopper or not.

I do have a vlocity jr., but since I'm so used to rocking a winchester pocket hopper, I feel like its a little too big and too heavy to play with a pump.

If a gravity feed won't keep up with AT, then whats the best choice?
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Viewloader Revolution.
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Originally Posted by DamoNAN View Post
Viewloader Revolution.
QFT... still the best hopper every made. I wish Kee (or anyone) would make either a whole new 100rd or 50rd version or at least a 100rd or 50rd shell kit that you could just drop your old revy internals into.
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Originally Posted by biftip98 View Post
or at least a 100rd or 50rd shell kit that you could just drop your old revy internals into.
I'd defiantly be down for one of those!!!!

Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 10 Sterling Pumps, 2 Phantoms for SC, a CCM SS-25, a PGP and a Sovereign 3.

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I'm having the same dilemma. I like the little 50 round hoppers, but with AT I have some concerns. If posable id like to use a gravity hopper to save on weight. I've tested a few; Sport Shot, VL 200, 9v revy, 12v revy, Halo Too, GXG, and a APP.

My testing was not perfect. I held my finger over the bottom hole and loaded the hoppers just full enough so that the lid would freely close. I didn't want the lid putting pressure on the paint, I wanted the paint to be able to move freely.

I then removed my finger and watched the paint flow out. When it jammed I gave it a little shake. I then repeated it several times. Like I said not perfect. This is what I found;

Sport Shot has a long neck on it. Sits high but that gives you a nice stack that can give you 5 shots with no worries. Feed rate is decent but it dose jam, like all gravity hoppers don't over fill it.

Proto Primo feeds better then any non motorized hopper I've seen. From what I've seen its about on par with the VL200 9v Revy although much much less weight.

The old VL200 feed more consistently then the Sport Shot but not as much as the Proto Primo.

12v revy is an improvement over the 9v. Feeds faster and more consistently. Slightly heavier.

Halo Too is awesome, but seems big and silly on a pump. I feel like it's overkill and I'm not planing on playing pump with it. I didn't bother doing a paintball drop test on this one. I've used it enough to know it works awesome. Mostly on semis but I did play a game with it on a Sniper.

GXG and Brass Eagle 50 rounds are horrid. In my testing the other day I had a horrible time getting the paint to come out. I even stirred the paint with my finger and shook it every way I could. I'll never use one of these on any gun.

The APP 50 round isn't to bad. I think it's basically a Winchester copy. It dose jam a lot but will resume feeding with a light shake. Still I'm not convinced it would feed fast enough for AT use. As I wright this I'm thinking "Why not run this with a tall feed neck!?"

Since you are used to the Winchester anything with batteries is going to feel heavy until you get used to it. You can now buy 100 round shells for Halos. These were designed by a member here.

Let us know if you find something you really like
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Originally Posted by Mozak View Post
What you guys don't know how bad of a gun whore I am yet? Lol
Originally Posted by Josilk View Post the same, meaning of life is to play with all the toys not own all the toys
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Primo or sport shot.
I actually think the APP feeds pretty well.
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Cant beat a primo for a 200rd hopper, Sport shot next, then a winchester with a lock lid mod..IMO.

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I use a Sportshot on my CCM S6 without any problems. It feeds plenty fast enough to keep up. I find the gun shakes enough while you are on the AT that it keeps feeding. I also have a 12v revy that I also use at times. I usually only do that for the added capacity.

I do also use a Rotor on it. This is only done to ensure there is always a ball loaded. It is total overkill but it does ensure that a ball is in the breech for every shot. It sucks to work up to a spot unnoticed and pull the trigger and not have a ball come out, only air. This usually leads to your cover being blown.

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I tried a Primo once and found it to be way to tall. It looks goofy on a marker.

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