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Coming for your booty
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I'm going to assume it won't happen and hope for a pleasant surprise.
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I had never even heard if this gun until my little brother stumbled across one and picked it up. I can't remember ever being so impressed! I love the weight and feel, and the operation. I know they have a reputation for not being reliable, but they are one of the funnest guns I've laid hands on. I am looking for one of my own now. I really hope they release this updated version that fixes the bugs. The owner is sitting on a gold mine!
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Thrillin' Heroics
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Metadyne still exists?
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Originally Posted by Marauder_Pilot View Post
Metadyne still exists?
Highly doubtful ... I heard rumors that they might make another markers ... But I don't think it ever went past prototype ...

I got mine back up and running, but if the internal reg dye ... I'll have to regulate it another way ...

They are really fun markers, but they do feel like prototypes ... Not like finished product ...
Love my SSR
Love my brass
... hard choice ...

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I know this isn't the B/S/T part of the forum, but if anyone wants to offload theirs, I am looking for one.
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the oddballer
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Same I need a thumper back in my life
Still a broke college student
The odder the better
My pb colllection is worth more than my car but you know life choices
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I still have mine with the upgrades, lmk.

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This project was such a dream that it will never happen.

I do have fond memories of playing invasion of Normandy‘s Tippmann city on the Friday night game with my thumper. Most people stop shooting at me just to see a working thumper. I literally shot over 500 rounds and one game and had the most fun that evening. They amazing part was nothing broke on the marker all weekend.

I was laughing as I was tagging kids from 100 feet away. Anything over 100 feet away was a waste of a 12 g shot. It was like driving for the first time on a track and 135 miles an hour. The euphoria will never be forgotten.

Alas I doubt that will ever be a phoenix ever released. I will always remember my thumpers.
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