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FINALLY! The New Grey Ghost is here!

New to me at least...circa 1990. I've coveted one of these ever since they first came out.

If you were at SPE you may have seen this beauty for sale. For some reason, nobody (including myself) picked it up. Repoman put it up for sale a few months later and I finally caved.

It's in beautiful shape and has all the "bits" from back in the day...front sight, high boy sight rail, LAPCO wood grips, California air with match annoed 7 oz. Thermo tank and knob, T stock, and a matching red dot. On top of that, the barrel is the same OD as a Phantom so my Phantom "rain cover" fits it too.

Grey Ghost #1301

42" of Old School Cool

Thanks again Gene!
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Very nice. Very. Nice.
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i remember Repo putting that up for sale. i have two Ghost's in that same style of set up (minus the "rain cover" and red dot).

that's a beautiful looking gun Dave. i'm glad to see you have it.
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Absolutely gorgeous!! Neither of my Ghosts are lookers like yours!
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Dave the pictures are lees than stellar you need to do them again.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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I remember him driving around for an hour almost, looking for raffle tickets. Didn't quite pan out.
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Dave that Ghost would fit nicely in my museum. Though you should know, all entries must all arrive to me in the form of a donation’s, as the museum is managed strictly as non profit institution. All exhibits will make their way around the globe, and they will not only be viewed, but played with, so what'd ya say pal
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I am in awe...

Ever since I saw a scanned magazine ad with Dave Youngblood (I believe) holding one, I've wanted one desperately.

But alas... school, girlfriend, and other pb projects keep me away from really looking for one...

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