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Sm 1 help

So I recently picked up an sm 1 used and got it in the mail the other day. I got a reg and an asa on it. I broke it down to clean it and noticed the orings on the bolt were super loose. Does anyone know what size they are? Also the marker was clearly originally with an auto trigger set up. It has holes drilled on the arms and has a trigger frame hole large enough for a kit. It is one of the triggers with two screws. Does anyone know if the hinge kit they sell on autocockerparts will fit? I reached out to autococker parts and Sanchez machine but have not gotten a response.
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I am going to guess 'yes' to the at fitting, hinge to hinge should be the same.

EDIT: did a search: SM told someone (Dec 6, 2010) they could install a GAT products or CCM at kit if they wanted.

Bolt O-rings, that's a great question... I would go with 114 x 1.78 polyurethane 40-60.

Hope that helps.
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I finally got in touch with autococker parts. None of their current drop in kits will fit. I’ll stop at ace and see if I can get some of those orings. Anybody have some experience with ID or CCM hinge frames and have some thoughts on them?
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CCM hinge frames have been the high quality standard for years. ID, Niche, Meteor and some others are making competitive frames now, but CCM is still a very solid choice.
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I ended up getting a ccm 45 hinge to complete the build for the moment. It works pretty well, the roller trigger makes the pull super smooth. I’ve only been able to take it out twice, second time the marker held enough air to fire even without a pump stroke for some reason and would release and shoot a paintball without the hammer being cocked back. I have to break it down and I think clean and lube it, just haven’t had time.
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