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These happened last saturday.

The field allows any rate of fire as long as you are not a dick.
There was a group of Russians on the other team, and they are fun to shoot. If you are going to take one of them on with a pump, you need to make your first shot count or you will be bonus balled half way to moscow. Well, it was a big game and there were 4 bases to capture. The horn blows and I run like hell to one of the bases between the two starting points. A Russian is already there, and he flipped the flag and is looking for some capitalist americans to paint. The base is a small castle, with a ramp that leads up to the flag. I am at a wall near the base of the ramp. The Russian gent is probably 25 feet away. So I peek around the corner and notice he is wearing a holster. I don't want to start the day covered in welts, so I take aim for his holster. As I let a paintball rip from my pump mag, he turns my way and the paintball hit him in the junk. I didn't know that cause I was behind cover awaiting the hail of paint. So when he walks by, I don't see any paint, but he called himself out. I asked him where I got him, and in a very heavy Russian accent he goes "Where do you think?" I replied saying I aimed for his holster but turned. So I run up and flip the flag to my team's color and leave the castle. The moment I step past the wall, I take two hits in the chest, and frantically try to get away from the stream of paint. As I yell "OUT!", I stumble on my back and took on my neck and chin. So me and the Russian get to talk while walking back to safe zone.

The next one wasn't a shot but was ridiculously cool. As I was walking down a hill alone, I saw a whole line of opposing players take one of our bases. After taking it, they all just left. Not leaving anybody behind to watch it. So I just walked up flipped it back.

The refs at that game were great and a couple were mag freaks. I let them shoot my p-mag, and they were amazed. It was great, because that is the first time anyone has ever been envious over my gear.
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I got a gun or hopper hit on a guy from around 100 to 120 feet away with the second shot from my trusty Ranger. Couldn't see him at all. Just the gun sticking out from cover.
I had a "Paintball God" moment once.
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I was playing woodsball and this dude was held up in the "mission" which was a little tower with a cross on it. He starts to go down the steps, so I run and pump off about 8 shots and then run up to use his bunker and he's rolling around on the ground. I come and see him after the game, and he has a big lump where his neck meets his head towards the back that probably rose up about 2 inches. I felt bad. I was chronoing at 264 and using air if anyone is concerned.
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Some friends and I were playing a game this past weekend and I wanted to use the 007 Chellenger kit I got a few days earlier, which got a few laughs from everyone with F/As or semis. So as the game progressed I was stalking around this old stone shed, climbed up on the upper level, and waited. Sure enough one of my friends came around a tree about 100 feet away, and thought it was a good place to reload his hopper, so I put a round right on his goggles and when he heared the sound of me pupming that Nelly he wasn't laughing at it anymore.
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I was playing with some friends, one of whome brought some people from work who didn't normally play paintball with us. So of course I get the obligatory crap about wearing a bright red hawaiian in the woods and using a pump (VSC phantom) esspecially after a fairly quick elimination the first game So a couple games into it and I manage to flank two of the guys that normally don't play with us. I pop up and hit one square in teh chest as he turns around and the other guy takes off, only to be chased by three ropes of paint from my team.
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Originally Posted by young__wun1515 View Post
amazing how you followed your single shot...

It is not that hard to follow a paintball crossing an open field that is passing through wooden barricades... this is not PBN, leave your skepticism at home, it is a true story.
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Most epic elimination for me:

5 on 5 on your basic Xball field. It comes to one on one and I run out of paint. As I'm running around trying to not get shot, I'm also looking for one decent paintball on the ground. I make it to the giant X, and he's made it to our starting gate (I was running around like a madman). I finally find one decent ball, load it up in my SS-25, and peek out until he comes into my line of vision. He tries to run to another bunker and as he's running out I shoot, and get him right in the lenses.

Almost died right there, that moment.
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Around 150 feet away (Downhill though) I shot a friend through the space betwen two trees.
And I also shot another friend one handed while laying prone sticking my gun over a bunker when I was around 20 feet away.
I love playing pump.
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I had a great one at SPE two years ago. It was on one of the wooded fields, shortly after the game started. I could see 3 or 4 guys way down at the other end of the field. Just on a whim, I pointed my sterling up at about a 45 degree angle, and took a shot. The paint was bright, so I watched it go up, into the canopy of trees, and then lost it but looked down towards the other players just soon enough to see one of them flinch, just as the ball hit him squarely on top of the head. He felt for the paint, got up, put his gun in the air, and walked off looking confused. It was the longest long ball I have ever had. I was smiling after that one for sure.
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I don't know if this was the best shot ever....but it's the shot I always think of when I think of fun pump play.

Woodsball. 5 on 5 or something like that. I'm pushing up the field on the left. I've already taken out 3 of their 5. I hear #4 go out at the same time as my other guy goes out. So it's one on one. The other guy is using a Spyder Electra. We're 50-60 feet apart. We're both right handed but I"m coming out the left of my tree to try to get a shot at him. Every time I pop off a shot he rains down some paint. I come out the left and he's not there. I just know that he's waiting for me out the right. I pump my gun and snap out let the ball go and duck in quickly as he sprays me....and then I hear THWACK....."OUT". Dead center goggles. Put it right where I wanted to. Doesn't happen often, but it feels good when it does.

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