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I gotta tell this story from Tuesday night...monthly-ish pump game at All Star PB in Spotswood NJ, I'm playing the 40 dorito on the left, when Freedom charges down the snake side, as he's prone to doing. I turned to my right and put a single shot across the field, more or less perpendicular to his path, threading it between bunkers, as he was running, and hit his tank...and then got barrel tagged as his teammate slide across the 50 and stuck his pistol in my back. It was sweet...
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I think last weekends play for me was fairly exceptional. Being one of three guys playing with pump guns and the rest of the walk-ons either shooting their high end electros or some rental stuff, we didn't appear to the average eye to have much chance of surviving, much less actually eliminating anyone. First game was on an all natural field, no man made bunkers, just trees, a dry creek bed, some hills on one side etc. I move to what amounts to our 40 from the break and take a stand up position behind a dead tree that's about 9 feet tall. I can see the other team across the creek bed moving to their 50 and the huge trees there, plus on my right I can see several of their guys in the trees moving up our right tape. I've got two folks on my team hiding in the grass protecting that flank but I feel driven to put a couple of balls over in that direction to keep em honest. Just two...shot one flies a little wide to my right, shot two hits opponent on the kneecap as he is moving thru some thick brush. Turn left, three guys trying to hide behind the same big two three..that easy...three shots, three elims. Did I mention I love my Sniper?

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Ok I got two stories.

First about 17 years or more ago(yes I'm that old) There were 16 of us playing a free for all in a huge bowl shaped wooded area. I climbed to the top of the hill in a dense area and decided to wait it out till the herd thinned a little. I layed behind a log and covered up with leaves. After a good while I had a friend creep by and got a mystery shot that bewildered him. After some time I grew impatient and decided to make my way round a bit to see what i could stir up. I had barely taken 5 step when the first shot wizzed passed my head. ( we were using sheridans for the record) I bolt behind the closest tree and proceded to swap a few shots when I relized I had but one left. I take off farther down the hill duck behind a tree, pop out the other side and let loose my last shot. Right between the eyes. Gogged! It was my brother, he had taken out about half the crowd himself and he and I were the only two left. Leaving me the last man standing. Is especially fond memory since my brother has passed on now, he was a fantastic player!

second story to come later.
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I have not been pumping for a long time, what have I been thinking? Anyway, our team started getting together for pump days so I converted my trusty 04 prostock with a CCM kit and joined in the fun. I am not the most nimble or agile player since I am older than dirt. One game I hit the snake on the x field and proceeded to scamper up little by little, popped up once to hear one wizz by, duck, move a smidge more, then pop the guy in the side of the mask on my first shot at him. It was 5 on 5, so I knew more action was at hand. I moved up a bit more and a kid who joined in with a tippy or some other semi was at the x not too far away, I jumped up and threw a shot his way while I ran for the next stand up and gogged him. Another teammate of mine saw me and started running and shooting across the field at me, I started running also and threw a shot back, pow, between the eyes. I am not a good run & shoot guy anytime, but to hit 2 while running, shooting across my left side was just the ticket to get me hooked on pumping. Needless to say I soon after bought my first CCM and have been playing pump at most of our events, looking for those great shots that show the young guns that it does not take 15 a second to put one on the goggles.
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well, I'm pretty amazed when I snap shoot without looking really.. and hit someone, happens all the time too.. I guess I have snap shooting nailed lol..

I dunno miracle shot's, without thumbing my cocking rod? well, my friends and I were playing vip in the woods, 3 guards and a president vs. 5assasins .. I tell my friends to hang back and protect the pres.. I sneak up a way's, and peg the first guy who doesn't even see me.. my sniper's quiet, so I'm still not seen.. I send a few up hill to my friend who's standing there like predator (even has the dread lock's and scott mask..) and hit him..

walk a little way's while my friends are still up hill.. and send one at one of the remaining assasins.. should be 3 left right? well I hit him.. and he hits me but it bounces.. continue up hill.. and watch as one of my team mates gets run up on by the one of the last ones in a kamakazi attack before I can get him.. and both are hit no biggy, president's still good.. And I never found the 5th lol.. so needless to say, we won..
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On pump day..
I ran out of air on a tires/speedball like field. It's 3 of us vs. two of them. I run around the left side of the field and barrel tag one of them.

Not that good but it's my best that I can think of. Unless you count my snake magic.
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Played last weekend against my usual bunch. My buddy was on one side of a building with his Blazer, I'm on the other side with my KP-2. We keep popping back and forth shooting at each other. I see him darting back the other way so I follow him on my side of the building.

Then he tells me I got him. Actually, I hit him twice: one bounced off his neck, the other hit him in the forearm. Very satisfying because he was just mopping up my team on the field.

Andry : )

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Played with our local Team at practice today & had a one in a million shot. My Sponsor & I were snapping corner to corner & because of the distance just kinda hung-out to see the shot land. We both fired simultaneously & the single shots impacted on each other mid-field. After the game we talked about it & another teamate (Shot out) witnessed it also. I've heard of it happening but it was just to cool to actually see it. Made my day.
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This past sunday I played with my phantom about half the day. Anyway, we played on a hyberball/speedball type course. It was a 3 v 2 game, I was part of the three. I ran to aprox. the 30 of break. And buped up from there to the 50 snake. (our right half of the field is on a hill) My friend was a bit cockey and he basically walked up to our left 50 snake. I took one completley random pot shot at him. It hit him on his right shoulder and actually broke (about 75~ish feet). I guess the proball was worththe price btw we had bubblegum and cranberry flavor.
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Today i managed to eliminated a player from maybe 60-70ft though three windows with my Phantom on the second shot.

Earlier in the day one of the refs tell me not to overshoot with my pump
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