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Mr.Blue 06-16-2008 06:24 PM

great pump shots
I was playing at ontario the other day with my sniper. I knocked my friend Riley out at the back right (100 feet dead center goggles:gunsfiring:), and then the other two guys started to move up and my team was gone. One came running up and as I jumped behind my bunker (landing on my back as I might add) I fired one shot and somehow shot this kid right in the middle finger. That was pretty lucky, so now I was starting to think I could take the other guy out. He went around the other side of my bunker and I had a beed right on his crotch, ready to shoot (no mercy to those who don't protect themselves). My gun jammed, I pumped and shot about four times, and nothing but air came out. Nastiest feedneck break of my.:bang:

give me some of your good or bad stories.

Chemical-X 06-16-2008 06:52 PM

From about 100 foot to a doorknob hole where I shot my friend right in the gogs as he was looking out the hole. There was alot of concentration right before the shot.

Mr.Blue 06-16-2008 06:56 PM

I was shooting crappy paint so It took me 20 shots.

noelydeeznutz 06-16-2008 07:09 PM

I was playing as a walk-on, rec x-ball games (no format... just, eliminate the other team)
a few of the kids there asked about the pump, and why i was shooting such a slow gun... i tried to let them know its about being able to place shots and move... and not all about laying down ropes of paint... they didnt want to hear it.

So we go into the game... i break for back left (dorito side), i take out the person in the snake with 2 shots... i look inside at the X and i see the guy wrapping the X shooting at my back center guy... i hit him... i pop out my left side and note 2 people (1 in the back left and 1 in d-1) so i concentrate on them now, i hit the back left guy, and my bunker starts getting pounded (whomever was in back center, bumped to the X) since he is pounding the bunker and 0 paint is coming past, i decide to head check. i see him on the right side of the X, really exposed... i take a deep breath, and snap out... the paint stops raining in... I pop back out, and note that i hit him right between the eyes...

now its down to 1v1 (the rest of my team was useless that game...) the kid decided it would be a good idea to try and bunker me... but i hear him breathing heavy and the hopper rattling, and the pods bouncing... and pop over the top and hit him.... he continued to run down and shoot me anyway... so i shot him a few more times... where he complained and the ref laughed at him...

that was a GREAT game... too bad none of the others that night went that well (i got kills, but nothing like that)

idkfa 06-16-2008 08:03 PM

My best shot ever? I was playing against some of the people in my class at a walk on game. We were attacking the fort from about 100 ft away. The whistle blew, I took two steps forward and fired a single shot with my Phantom. It cleared the field, went through a window, a door, then passed through the window in the fort, impacting on the side my classmates head. :D Not planned, but awesome. I felt bad as he spent the next 15 minutes in the dead box.

brycelarson 06-16-2008 08:42 PM

I was playing at a local indoor field - nice place, well lit, pretty serious tourney types playing, but good attitudes and a great way to hone my snap shooting.

The guys here are from low level wanna-be tourney types to some pretty high end and serious types - so you've got to play a good game when hauling a pump.

I hit the 25 on our right to a dorito and knocked their back left guy out - he was looking around too much - nothing special about the shot - you give any decent player a 1/2 body and he'll get you.

My team has made good first moves - so I decide to move up. There's plenty of paint in the air so I make a quick run and superman to our 40 - it's a big stand up bunker. The guy at their back right is a solid player - really fast in and out of bunkers and good at keeping his position fresh - tough to get a bead on and really quick to put paint on you. I know he's the guy who's most dangerous to me - and my team has the left half of the field pretty well tied up. As I bring my gun up I realize that I half pumped it as I slid into the bunker and I just slammed home the second ball in the barrel.....

So, I think: "Well I guess I have to aim a little higher" I lean right just as the guy is popping out the top of his bunker - so I snap the shot a little higher than I would normally drop it for the range - the balls drop just over the top of the bunker as he pulls back down. I don't see the hit - but I see a barrel stick up out of the bunker and he walks out - one ball right in front of each eye - Wooohoooo!! double gog!

Moosepatrol 06-16-2008 08:47 PM

I took my boys one weekend to play some pump. There was only six of us, my sons friends are only twelve. We were playing where there was a valley about 120 feet across. My oldest boy is getting the idea about moving and shooting, so during the game I see him on the ridge of this valley. I duck my head decide to run about halfway around this hill, pop up the other side and catch him. I get to the top he is nowhere to be seen. Then I notice he had run to the other ridge, coming up behind my team. I didn't even aim, just raised my cocker, pointed in front of where he was running and fired. Hit him on top of the head in full stride. Luckiest damn shot I ever made.

young__wun1515 06-16-2008 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by idkfa (Post 428031)
My best shot ever? I was playing against some of the people in my class at a walk on game. We were attacking the fort from about 100 ft away. The whistle blew, I took two steps forward and fired a single shot with my Phantom. It cleared the field, went through a window, a door, then passed through the window in the fort, impacting on the side my classmates head. :D Not planned, but awesome. I felt bad as he spent the next 15 minutes in the dead box.

amazing how you followed your single shot...

Best ever shot for me? Just the lucky shot in between the eyes i guess.

1996XJ 06-16-2008 10:08 PM

I had a pretty cool shot a cople weeks ago. We were playing on this field which they call the everglades, its got a stream seperating the two halves of the field with four bridges to cross. Any at the beganing of the game i sprinted all the way across the bridge to a large spindle on their side. Im the only one out of my 15-20 teamates that ended up crossing the stream so im basically stranded. The other team still doesnt know im there so im able to autotrigger two opponents as they move up and exposed their entire side to me. Anyway as the game goes on the other team starts moving up to cross the bridge behind me. I figure i will just wait till they run past me and then shoot them in the back. I decided to look though the hole in the center of the spindle and i find out that a player is on the other side. I wait until the hole is covered again and then fired.:gunsfiring: When we got off the feild he started laughing sayin he looked into the hole and saw my barrel pointed right at him.

Heres the bad one.
This took place at the exact same spindle a couple weeks earlier. I had just broke some paint in the process of ATing someone and remove my barrel to squeegee it. Shortly after i get the barrel back one of the opponents mores up to the other side of my spindle not realizing im there. Anyway i see his barrel come around the side of the spindle as he starts to sling paint across the river at my teamates. I decide to make my move, i come around the same side of the spindle hoping to supprise him. I fire several shots from a couple feet away only to find out that the broken paint had gotten into my feedneck and no paintballs were ever fed. So he proceeds to tear me up with his 08EGO. He had a camera on his hopper that sopposedly captured it all on video, which i have yet to see.

Wycke 06-16-2008 10:45 PM

Top three best/luckiest shots ever:

3) Playing a jumbo speedball field (think 6' picket fence panels as bunkers, but in a speedball layout), on the break, while running, I tripped and my Phantom fired when I hit the ground. I immediately rolled behind the nearest bunker and when I looked out to see what was going on a guy walked by with gator green paint dripping down the center of his lens muttering "blankety-blank sonofa#*%!" I was the only person shooting gator green marbs.

2) Last game of the day, I was down to 3 shots and hopefully enough of a 12-gram to fire them. I figured to make those shots count, I'd have to wait for the other guys to get real close, so I found a good spot and dug in. When one of them got to about 20' directly in front of me and was exposing his whole side (he was trying to flank the rest of my team). I slowly eased around the side of a tree and took aim. The problem is that I can't aim for beans at anything less that 50' away - I always shoot too high. Anyway, I squeeze the trigger and the ball flies - about 5' over his head. However, it continued to fly right between the slats of a pallet bunker and gogged another opponent who I didn't even know was there.

1) At one of the "Pump it Up" games at OA in Maryland, I shot Drum in the gut and it actually broke. Anyone who knows Drum knows that that alone is miraculous enough that any further embellishment is unnecessary.

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