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Originally Posted by casper View Post
Don't go spending your life savings on a gun you may use a couple times!!!Try out a phantom it is cheaper and if you like it move up !!
See... I don't agree with sentiments such as this. Find out what it is you want, and save another month. The phantom, sterling, and GG are all pretty close in cost. That extra $100 for the marker you REALLY want is worth waiting. It is annoying, and a BIG waste of time and money to get something lesser and lower quality. $350 for a Grey Ghost is not "Life Savings". Earon Carter's personal Duck is getting there though.

When I decided I wanted a bass guitar, I thought "I could get a cheap one, learn to be proficient and step up to a P-bass..." That would have ended up costing me well over $1000 in the long run, and I would have another item collecting dust. Instead, I saved the extra $300 and bought the P-bass deluxe. I couldn't be happier with it, and I know that it will be a LONG time before I want a better one.

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Well I guess he should go the local field and ask if he can shot a grey ghost,or sterling first.My thing is that players who want to get into pump , buy stuff and end up with equipment they will never use again .Which is a waste of money.So don't go balls out on your first purchase unless you know this is what you want.Ask to shot a marker at your local fields and talk to players.Case and point I got a beautiful carter buzzard and didn't like it.When i got my G.G.Lapco had it at huntington beach I touched it and handled it talked to the reps and it was all good.All those guns are (high quality it is preferance).Phantoms are very interchangable,have barrel options and can be picked up reasonablied priced,notice I didn;t say talon,tiger shark ,hammer.My friend and i are the only players I have seen out on the field with ghost here in northern california so good luck testing one out at your field.Forum
link to grey ghost forum if you are interested in more info on it
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