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I do remember hearing about this kit on MCB awhile ago. It did exist. It converted a sheridan pellet gun pistol to a PGP type of pistol. Maybe someone else who knows a bit more about it can shine some light on this.
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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I wonder if we can get pics!
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Teehee, i translated it!
Use this site, and just enter the URL in there, youll see it.
However, it didnt translate perfectly...

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Its not entirely out of the question. If youve ever had a Crossman #160 (like a Benjamin-Sheridan) apart, the potential to convert these C02 guns to a paintball upper end becomes pretty obvious. The crossman even had a plastic "rib" that aligned the upper on the lower receiver, and even had a recess for a seal to tranfer the Co2 from the exhaust port to the upper end.

Why hasnt anyone used one of the Chinese manufactured Crossman-160s to make a conversion? They have a pretty awesome trigger out of the box.
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I assume that the valves are about the same? Besides increasing spring tension for greater FPS, what other modifications to the lower tube would be necessary?
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