Rainman's Custom Corner MCB member Rainman229, does some excellent custom work. See what he can do for you...

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terrible speller
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This is the same blue hand cannon that Cleric had in the second post on the first page. Been back to Rainman for some tuning, and a new powdercoat job.


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PJ owns this now,but Rainman did the milling and Anodizing.
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For kicks and giggles: Warp Feed Painmaker! It took a bit (a lot...) of modding to get the Painmaker shroud on there, but I've got it up and running now! The more astute of you may notice there is no main airline connecting the LPR to the pneus. These pics were taken before I had it completely assembled. Also, the screen cover cracked during shipping, so I had to seal the cracks with super glue to keep them from spreading.

Edit: Specs wouldn't hurt would they?


-Warp Feed Rainmaker
-Painmaker LCD board (!)
-Tickler LPR
-CP HP reg
-Marty Mods
-Nickled QEV's
-3/8's ram
-High flow LP fittings
-Angel LCD frame
-Mac mount frame adapter w/ front block
-'Cocker asa
-System X on/off drop
-Anodized black/silver acid wash
-Customzed upper reciver for left feed Warp.
-Clear Warp Feed
-Smoke Revvy with X Board
-St!ffi Switch kit

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Formerly DeTrevni
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And so my Rainmaker whoring continues. I've got some milling and annoing in mind for the future (so be prepared Claudio! ), so it's no where near done!:

Claudio's the master...
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Sweet retro mag.

Here is the mag Rainman did for my wife. Green and copper brush and free grips as well.

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annoed tank

Rainman did the tank to match my gun

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Kilt Club
From this...

To this...

Let's see...

Laundry list of what was done

Milled ribs off sides of body
Milled sight rail off top of body
Fabricated custom sear pin
Tapped body for custom sear pin
Fabricated new bottom plate for battery case
Hi-Polish on all parts
Splash anno

There's also a 14 inch barrel tip for the kit that's just silly, but we anno'ed it anyway.

Beautiful work as always.

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Brass and Wood Fan
My pneumag project rainman

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A custom Kingman Hammer, bobbed valve body.
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Fan of EMR

Just got it back from Rainman today,It was a Pewter gray color originally
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