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Is there a name/brand for the topographical CBD or pills?
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I like 'elixinol' and 'plus cbd'
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by DashHopes
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Iv tried cbd, doesnt really do anything really, some say it works some say it doesnt, then again im a chronic smoker and the real stuff doesnt help with pain, just ask my body after a day of doing mobile home work lol, my mom also suffers from pain, she has pills but doesnt take them unless its really bad, what i noticed worked a little dor her was actually getting out and working again and staying in motion, there isnt much we can do about pain except take it, iv been down the path of addiction and wouldnt let the doctor give me pain meds at all
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Pain treatment is very different for everyone. My wife has chronic back pain issues and has endured several surgeries. After more than ten years on opioid medications, she grew tired of them - and, in fact, they started causing her more pain than she would have otherwise experienced (there is a term for that, which her doctor told us and is escaping me, at the moment). The exact point in time that made her seek alternative treatments was when her pain management doctor made her fill a prescription for Narcan to have at the house. It wasn't just for her, but for anyone who might otherwise come in contact with her medication. That just terrified her.

She did try several CBD products to start, with limited effectiveness. However, she also did get a medical card and now uses a vaporizer and occasionally directly smokes to fairly incredible results. She is not pain-free, nor will she ever be. But at least now, she is a bit more free of being able to do nothing and spending her days mostly immobile. Next steps are to find supplemental treatments to augment the positive effects of the medical marijuana. What those steps are, we are not sure yet, but she is not ruling anything out - light yoga, acupuncture, massage, etc. Her mindset is that if any of them cause more good than harm, it can only continue to put her in a better place.

Best of luck, Rainman - and anyone else who is or has loved ones dealing with chronic pain issues.
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Thanks for letting me apprentice in your shop Claudio.

Enjoy what little free time you can muster. Good luck with the pain.
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I hope all is well Claudio.
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